EPOS Major design issues which NEED changing


I Am a coder and It Director who has worked in retail with epos for 15 years, I AM worth listening to, I am trying to help you

Your Epos has some major problems I thought you may want to sort, as this would reduce your call load and problems when you have issues

Also, if these are not fixed really, I cannot roll this out to more shops and will have stop using Linnworks for my company

Problem #1 – You tills, require them to be online, when someone logs in, despite them have an offline working mode

--- It is ok, saying, once your logged in your fine

? However, you try and explain that to multi shop store staff

? Also, your till crashes when offline (when you end of day) or do a refund and other reasons– forcing a log out….. then you cannot log back in and as stuck

? So an OPEN shop, with the public in, have to close their doors, because the tills cannot be logged in to

Problem #2 … when you re-cache a till, it seems –

1. Checks internet connection

2. Clears tables

3. Redownload

4. Finished

I have seen this get to stage 3 and fail, or many reasons, (not everyone has your fast internet), I have seen the tables refill half way, be missing users and product data

YOU NEED TO only clear the data tables, after you have confirmed a full data download, It should be

1. Check net connection

2. Download tables, compare them, to old tables, if data similar in size, (or some other method)

3. Once ok, then clear table and replace

4. Finished

This clear tables issue, cost be about 5 grand, I had to close a shop (Half way while download data, Linnworks.net went down for 4 hours, my tills could not be used, you staff could not help)]

You can not control, if rack space etc, will have problems, cloud based programs will always have problems, BUT you can make you software work without it

You Thoughts Please


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