Resend orders to maintain link to Source / SubSource

We have multiple eBay channels which are themed differently so we currently use the subsource of orders to automatically select the correct invoice template to reflect the theming, and to filter the orders according to channel specific requirements.

When creating a resend, the new resend order source is set to DIRECT and regardless of the original orders subsource, the resend order has its subsource set to EBAY (as opposed to EBAY0, EBAY1, etc.)

Linnworks support has stated this is by design, but this seriously restricts the use of filters and rule conditions in our setup.

As this is intentional, we would like a feature which allows us to use the in-built rule engine and filters to identify orders that have been "resent" for a specific source / subsource combination without the extra steps of finding the new resend order and editing it with this information contrary to the way Linnworks has been designed to work.

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