Save the weight of an Item

When processing an order we weigh the item/items to enable the correct postage.

It would save loads of time if we could save this weight from the process orders screen so we don't have to weigh it over and over again.

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could you please elaborate this a bit..
Hi Shakeel
In open order screen you need to enter the weight of an item to be able to allocate the correct postage label. If you have entered the weight of an item in the inventory screen it will be shown but most of our old items do not contain the weight. We have to enter the weight in the open order screen each time we sell an item. If there was a save button next to the weight that saved the weight back to the inventory the next time the item was sold we wouldn't have to weigh it again.
Hope that makes sense, if not let me know
We had the same problem for 100s of skus...i personally spoke to linnworks but in vain, what we did was very easy...either copy those skus and do an inventory import with weight coloumn only.


while u print these type of orders make notes of such skus and in free time go one by one and add the weight of each sku in my inventory screen.

this one is easy while the other one will take a lot of time as u have to scan all the inventory first and then import as i told earlier...

hope this work for u

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