Orders not syncing

One of our channels is not syncing and when testing it this is the error message which pops up, is there anyway to fix this issue?



There are two primary possibilities for getting this error, either the result returned from the database doesn't match the expected format required by Linnworks, or the results returned are in fact empty due to a larger underlying issue. In this case, there are some strong suggestions that it's the latter. Firstly, if you go to Settings >> Channel Integration >> www.dtsbdigital.co.uk Config >> Query Designer and press the 'Test All' button, all the queries will fail - and hovering over the red crosses that appear after the test will show a failure of communication between the gateway file and the database hosted on the server.  (this is on linnworks desktop)

I would advise getting in contact with whoever manages the site regarding it's status. If you check the red cross when Testing the queries it does refer to the user restrictions. Make sure to have a look at those configurations on your website as well.

Kind regards, 

Oleg (Tech support)

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