Purchase order for "running low" stock help


I buy a box of 1000 items and sell them in packs of 50.

"Box of 1000" is the product I purchase from the supplier. To keep track of its inventory level, I set it to be a composite product  "pack of 50" x20

When I look for products running low on stock to raise a purchase order, the "box of 1000" doesn't show up as low on stock because it's a composite.


so how do i get this to work, so the purchase order I'm sending to the supplier is correct and states "box of 1000" instead of "pack of 50"


Hello there,

As I understand, the "pack of 50" is the SKU in Linnworks and "Box of 1000" is the Supplier item ID. 

If that is the case, then you need to add the Supplier item ID as a Supplier Code to the Linnworks stock item. In the 'Reorder Low stock' screen you will still see the Linnworks SKU, but the Purchase order will display both the Linnworks SKU and the Supplier Code. 

Hope this helps. If you have further issues, I advise creating a ticket and provide examples from your database. We will then be able to further  investigate the issue you have described.

Kind regards,


Yes, but we order in quantities of 1000. So we would order 1 box from the supplier to make 20 packs of 50. So the product being ordered is not the same as the product being sold and there's no way to map 0.05 boxes to one packet of 50.

We want the purchase order to state "box of 1000" not "pack of 50"



the steps for what you want to achieve are as follows

1. Set up a SKU for the individual product


2. Add Supplier details to the product

2.1 Purchase Price = price per individual item

2.2 Min Order Qty = 1000

2.3 Pack Size = 1000


3. Create a new SKU called Pack of 2

3.1 Add the first SKU as a composite child item

3.2 Set the required qty to 50



4. Set up Purchase Order in Template Designer

4.1 Add the columns to define the PO correctly

4.2 Item Qty / Qty in Pack / No of Packs


5. Create a new PO

5.1 Add either the child item or the composite parent (if you add the parent, the system will automatically add the cild items)

5.2 Default qty will be set to 1000 


6. When the PO is printed it will show the SKU for the granular item along with the overall item quantity, quantity in a pack and the number of packs required

Hi, and thanks for your detailed answer.

I'm stuck here though:

4.2 Item Qty / Qty in Pack / No of Packs

Which variable do I use? I can't see anything which covers either of these things:






I am referring to editing the Purchase Items Table and not an individual label



 Okay this is what I'm doing, because your instructions don't explain this part....

1. on linnworks.net go to settings>template designer>purchase order>edit

2. on the edit screen for the purchase order template, double click the table to bring up the "edit table" dialogue window

3. click "add custom column"

4. double click the column header title and name it

5. double click the name field, the "edit label" dialogue window pops up.

Okay now here's where I don't have an option to choose the variables you're talking about.

If i just write it in, it doesn't work


if I try to insert a variable from the list... well the one I want isn't there...



these are not Custom columns, they should already be in your list of columns for the table, just not visible




I see. I don't have those in my template. These are the only options I don't have visible




it looks like the variables I have not been added to Linnworks.net, I will raise it for inclusion.

For now I suggest you do the following

1. Login via Linnworks desktop

2. Edit the Puchase Order template

3. Delete the Purchase Items table

4. Add a new Purchase Items table to the template



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