Magento orders not downloading

We have a problem with several orders not being downloaded. I've opened a ticket but nothing is happening.
Is anyone else having the same problem?
This is a critical issue which is causing us a lot of problems, we first realised when we started receiving complaints from customers who didn't receive their orders, as bad as it can get!
Now we have to process Magento orders manually, as well as adjust stock levels, which defeats the purpose of having LW in the first place.
We have been with LW for years and I've always been a great fan, recommending it to other people. But what is going on now? I've started to get concerned about the future viability of this platform, and the risk to our business. Not as a rant but with a clear business mindset, I've always been happy with the service, but when you have a critical issue like this and it's not been dealt with you need to protect your business. In the last few months things seem to have been going downhill, and either they are prioritising their biggest customers and don't mind getting rid of small fish like us, or things are getting quite dire all around.


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Well.. I just got a reply, referring to orders from an old store we no longer have, dated 2012,  and they closed the ticket again!


ive been having this issue since about 4pm yesterday - ebay orders are fine, website ones not appearing.

It's been solved, it was an issue with order numbers since we have upgraded our store and we needed to change something on LW.


G.D. - can you share what they/you did to fix?

After the upgrade the order number sequence on Magento was changed and matched the same order numbers as an old store we no longer have, so new orders with the same number were not downloaded.
We were advised to reintegrate Magento and add a prefix in the 'invoice prefix box' and it worked.

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