Amazon Not marking as dispatched caused SUSPENSION!

Just a warning to others - we have experienced a major glitch with Linnworks desktop.

Without any changes from us, Linnworks didn't change the order status from Pending to paid on a number of orders and also did not update the open orders to dispatched.

This caused our 7 day late dispatch to go from 0% were it normally lives to 19%.

Those of you that are unaware this is a very serious problem. As soon as it was noticed it we rang Amazon to put them on notice that our chosen third party software provider  bunch of ****** had messed up.

Even with this, Our account was restricted to SUSPENDED - I immediately appealed stating the reasons why, funnily enough I was informed this is not the 1st time this has happened to a Linnworks/Amazon user.. By a miracle we were re-instated the same day and a rolling reserve was placed on our account.

As Linnworks support were unless we have had no choice but to ignore our Amazon sync and sign up for as free trial with ORDERHUB which is also not a perfect solution, but at it is software that works.

Does any body know of a software provider that WORKS?

I feel such a mug because I recently paid up front for a year.

The bloody thing is still not working!

we've had this happen before and it was linnworks fault.

We had to pay someone to write an email to amazon in order to be re-instated.

There are people who "know what to write". probably owned by amazon no doubt.

To ensure this doesn't happen, we now check amazon manually daily and mark of as dispatched manually if needed.

Countles times also, linnworks settings will "change" with no intervention by us.


Fortunately we were re-instated in 7 hours.

Now I have to check the pending items have actually moved to paid and if not MANUALLY enter the order details and the MANUALLY process the order.

Ebay is working fine but the fact that TRUST has been lost I am seriously thinking to move but need the right solution.

I think they maybe taking this seriously as the support ticket has moved up a notch.

Seriously Paul, let me know if you find something better wont you.
I could write a book about the BS we've had with linnworks. Biggest mistake ever!


Hello Paul,



 Sad to hear that you are having troubles with our system. I briefly checked your database and found the cause for your issues. Whenever a channel is integrated, and you want Linnworks to mark orders as dispatched on the channel then "Mark as Despatched" should be enabled on each channel separately.



 Also, if you wish to utilise the stock managing functionality on Linnworks, then I'd advise mapping the SKUs on Linnworks to SKUs on the channel. Mapping creates a link between the listing and the item on Linnworks so that stock could be calculated accordingly.



 Please respond to the ticket so that the issues you are having could be addressed as I'm not permitted to discuss personal database details in the forum. We will be more than happy to help you through the growing pains.


P.S. All pictures used are from my test database.



With Best Regards,



Technical Support 

I forgot to add the links to documentation that might help you so here are some links that have detailed instructions on how to integrate channels:

Channel integration itself:

Amazon configurator:

With Best Regards,



Technical Support 

Thank you Rimo

Do you have a link about sucking eggs too!

I have fully disabled Amazon in Linnworks and unclicked marked as dispatched AFTER it was discovered to be faulty.

It was ticked as marked as dispatched when it went down, it always had been - For the last 3 years

Do you have an explanation to why I have had numerous orders marked as pending and not converted when they are in Amazon. 

Stock management and SKU linking is not required by us, like I would trust you will that

I only need Linnworks to do the following.

Download sales data

Print Invoices

and then mark them as dispatched and to tell the channel that.

Hi Paul,

Sounds like you're having a hard time and I find it quite odd that it is happening so often to you as well. I look after several Linnworks customers and occasionally there is the odd issue that does occur (sometimes it is the channels end and others it is Linnworks) but most of the time things run smooth :) 

In Linnworks there is an error log, it may tell you more about you're issue (I've got an example of what it looks like in my .NET test system, but in desktop it is on the left hand-side in a grey orb)


The only time I have had one customer who had real troubles with Amazon and Linnworks was when they were editing the order in Linnworks and changing the products.

This can cause issues as each Amazon Item on the order has a unique item/order code associated with it. (Not sure if that helps)

Any way, I hope this has helped and let us know how you get on :)

All the best,

Charlie McBroom


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