2 Magento Site, One not Uodating Stock

Hi, Long shot but has anyone else had this issue. I had one magento site, was working perfectly. I created an entire new site, not a multi-store and added it to linnworks. I have tested both integrations and according to linnworks they are fine. Both are running the same magento software. Now only the new site I added is updating stock, the old on is not. Linnworks advised to download listings from the channel integration settings but it has not helped. Still waiting for a response to me ticket to if anyone has any suggestions would be much appreciated.

If you look at the image below you can see one of the channels is correct.  The other is showing Order Item Downloaded in the UpdateStatus column?



Hello there,

'Order Item Downloaded' - generally, it is not an error message, it simply means that an order was downloaded for this item.

I took a look at the example SKU provided and as I see currently the correct stock level is being submitted to both Magento channels:


The Magento Sync is also running properly on your account. 

Please let us know if are still experiencing issues with Magento stock level updates. 

Kind regards,


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