What does one do to get timely support from Linnworks?

I'm getting fed up of waiting for support tickets to get answered. I've been a customer for several years but boy - Has the service deteriorate over the past few weeks.  If anyone can offer any advise on how to bulk purge and replace all the images (around 10- 15,000 of them) in my ebay configurators. I'd be most grateful. Since submitting a ticket, I have got impatient and started to tinker. Which seems to have made my situation worse

Wow Mike, 

That is a good question and I am not sure there is an easy way of doing this. 
As you may know in Linnworks, you can change the images on the Linnworks inventory and then edit the "Listing Template" in the listing screen. There is a button where you can click images and then you will see an option to Replace Images from Linnworks as shown in the image below:


This is the standard option but wouldn't be ideal for 15k images/listings. 

Another work around may be to use extended properties if you have the image url's stored: adjusting-listings-with-multiple-images-in-bulk this may be the best bet but again it would be worth discussing with tech support just due to the high quantity of images you need to update. (or try it on a batch on 10 listings)

Hope this helps.

All the best,

Charlie McBroom


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Thanks Charlie. I am aware of the "adjusting-listings-with-multiple-images-in-bulk" This is what I'm waiting for help with from Linnworks. Since attempting this I get an error stating "Error (-): Input is invalid". A quick question that you may know the answer. Do I import my csv file via the "product extended properties - flat) import tool and then revise images in the config. Do you know if this is the correct procedure or have I overlooked something?

Thanks again.

Hi Mike,

Yes as mentioned in the docs, you will just need to run the revise images option


An important part to read in the docs is:

After listing adjustment only one image will appear in the listing (even if there were more images before and only one more was supposed to be added). All other images will start uploading in the background and once done, listing will be automatically updated (also in the background). Once the operation is completed, there will be no notification. You will only be notified, if an error occurs. To check whether or not the images have been uploaded, you need to open the listing on eBay.

I've done it a few time before, (though several months ago) but never for such a large quantity before. So it may be worth to test on a configurator with not so many listings or do a test import of extended properties on a batch on 10 initially, and then followed by 100-200 lets say.

Good luck with your update :)

All the best,

Charlie McBroom


Fitted Commerce - Ecommerce Agency and Linnworks Specialists

The Linnworks User Hub - Facebook Group

Thanks again Charlie. I managed to speak with someone from LW today.. They are looking into this. It would appear there may be an issue.

Regards, Mike

I agree. Support takes way too long to respond and when they do it is usually incomplete or puts an un-necessary question back on the user.

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