Linnworks now has whopping errors wrt Amazon FBA multi quantity orders

 Oh dear, it just gets worse & worse wrt to Amazon FBA & Linnworks orders...I now have so many workarounds in place (& apologies to my customers who get auutomatically emailed invoices with wrong data) to cater for erroneous Linnworks's laughable.

Linnworks is now pulling in massive errors wrt those Amazon FBA order with quantities of more than 1 for the same item.

Take a look at my LW Order ID 151697...Linnworks has calculated the order total at £3,822.7 .. whereas .the order total is actually only £254.85 (as viewed in my Amazon Seller Central .....Amazon Order ID 204-3195257-6758742 )

customer has ordered 15pcs of the same item costing £16.99 = £254.85 in total

Whereas Linnworks is multiplying 15 x £254.85 =  £3,822.70

This isn't a one off - I'm presently reconciling for the past two's literally peppered with all manner of these errors....all of them relate to order where a customer has bought kore than 1pc of the same item. Linnworks in this situatton is pulling in the order total as the item cost!!!

It's also seen on

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Our developers identified the cause of this issue and will release a fix very soon. 

During the day we will update your existing orders from our side, so that all of them would have correct totals. I apologise for the inconvenience this is causing you.

Best regards,


Hello Anton,

thanks for the quick ackowledgement...heartening to hear you're deploying a fix for this soon.

re retrospectively addressing those erroneous orders already processed...there's no need...I export all orders from Linnworks - they've been resolved in the follow on application.


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