LinnAcademy 2016

Hi Guys, 

As promised, I said I would give a round up about the Linn Academy for those who couldn't attend.

The good news is that Linnworks recorded all the talks and I will probably do a little video myself about my experience there too.

I am going to break this down to 2 parts, Ecommmerce & The Future and Linnworks.

Part 1: Ecommerce & The Future

Taking information from Chris Dawson of Tamebay, Fed's data from Linnworks and a few of the other discussions it seem that the future of ecommerce is one of more 'Item Specifics', More Exporting and Same Day Delivery.
All of the major players (Amazon, eBay, Google, Bing) are pushing the need for more item specifics and Chris Dawson really tied this well to the use of Personal Assistants and Search Engines, plus we know the we are living in a data driven age and by having this catalogue of information it allows the marketplace/search engines to optimize their own selling process.
An increase in Prime sales has also been highlighted promoting the face of next day/same day deliveries, plus with some of the major high street brands also offering same day delivery, we know this is the way ecommerce is going.

For SME's this can be difficult to swallow as the amount of work/investment needed to be able promote same day delivery is immense, but with FBA and now (if you're eligible) Seller Fulfilled Prime using Amazon's own network, there are possibilities for SME's to be able to offer these services (even if it is only limited to offering it on Amazon).

Though Fed did point out, with some number crunching that it could be possible, if a company had around 28 hubs located around England and Wales, that you could offer a large portion of the population, same day delivery. I am sure there will be a company or two pop up to fill this space, maybe Linn-Fulfill? :P

And as Sterling has dropped, it is a good time to sell abroad. The main top tip for those exporting from abroad is to bypass the Pound altogether by buying your goods in USD (or a native currency) and sell to countries with the Euro etc...

Part 2: Linnworks

Well, there is a lot to be excited about, other than the amazing number of Apps coming into the App Store (A Lot from my friends from eBusiness Guru & Rigidas Software) the developments in extendability are amazing.

Linnworks have added the ability to make native apps in and add new channels and couriers with very basic development skills.

This customisation will allow online sellers to tailor and customise their system at a very cost effective rate, allowing them to have an Enterprise ERP system without the Enterprise Price.

Linnworks will continue to add mainstream cool features, like Shipping Quotes and Analytical Tools in the form of SignalDB plus invest in improved servers and code optimisation to create an even faster and reliable system.

The other main reason, if I was an online seller using Linnworks to visit Linn Academy would be to meet me... OK I'm just kidding :P Actually it would be to book sometime for a 1 on 1 session with one the Linnworks specialists. I heard a lot of great feedback about how helpful and insightful the team at Linnworks were and it had really helped a lot of people.

Part 3: Other cool points

Shopware, in my opinion, one of the best shopping carts out there was exhibiting. Online Seller UK did an amazing presentation with Linnworks’ Chris Gates about Amazon. Two of my clients/friends mentioned me/Fitted Commerce in the Linnworks customer panel (I am guessing I will be owing beers). Mark Aldous smashing out the Linnworks knowledge 1 workshop after another. Some really cool sponsors there (GFS, GS1, World First)

But the best thing was the attendees, I think it such a great place to meet other online sellers to discuss, learn and help. (Though being in the presence of the ‘Linnworks Guru’ Joshua Neale was a close second)

Special thanks to Linnworks, the speakers and their sponsors for the best ecommerce event the UK has had this year! #LinnAcademy

Here is the Youtube video for those who hate reading :P

Linnworks have just released the highlight video from the Linn Academy :)

Here is my (informal) review of the event :)

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