Waiting for order sync 12th october?? All channels set 25th October Why??

I have tried to get help with this problem for 20 days,

I sell things on e bay and nothing shows up on linnworks.

I do not get any orders through linnworks 

I understand that as an Express user I have no access to support except for  the forums, 

I have been lucky and a linnworks guru helped me out.

But after the inital success that I could see my e bay sales I have the same problem on my other channel.

on linnworks .net there is a syn box, I never see anything in the sync box , always queued the ebay orders are waiting sync from 12th october this cannot be changed I changed it in the channel intregration options to 25th and thats what its set at, all the channel tests work.

I haven't changed anything, this has just happened out of the blue, I have been a linnworks user for 5 or 6 years mostly if there is a glitch then an update arrives a day or so later then cured, not this.

Is there something blindingly obvious I m missing?

Its so bad I am now using the e bay invoices and addresses, and thats time consuming and frustrating.

I put lots more detail in another post but the guru must have moved on to better and more exciting things, sadly.



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Hi John,

I have had a quick look at your database and I found that the autonomous synchronization module for your eBay channel has been disabled, meaning that orders would have only been downloaded during a local synchronization via Linnworks Desktop.

I have enabled this on your account now, which should now pull all open orders, which do not already exist in your system, from eBay successfully. Could you please monitor this and if the situation does not change within a few hours, simply let me know here.

The autonomous synchronization settings may be accessed via Linnworks Desktop - Settings - Channel Integration - AutoSync Settings. Both the Autonomous sync itself, as well as the eBay Order Sync module need to be enabled for your orders to be downloaded automatically. 

Please let me know how it goes.

Kind regards,


I now get some orders from one of my channels but not all no paid don't show up

From Linnworks sync Sync


Ope orders after linnworks sync


Desktop management after sync


E bay selling manager sales inf paid/not paid


I have no Idea what is happening as I have said in previous posts I have neen happily using this system for years and now its a thorn in my e bay dispatch department.

Please help I have not changed anything that started all this.

Many thanks

John Wych

I have a problem Linnworks gets back to me and says let me know how it goes, I still have the same problem,I have submitted screenshots etc, been very patient , but still nothing weeks have gone by, I have reposted the problem with further screen shots......

Hello John,

Can you let me know what you want Linnworks to do? Do you want Linnworks to also download not paid orders into your system and that is not happening? Or is it not downloading paid orders?

All the best, 
Klaas from Linnworks

 I can't help with your particular problem, but if I understand the situation correctly, some orders that have been paid are showing as unpaid in Linnworks? If so, then I see this problem regularly...it typically manifests itself where an Ebay customer hasn't paid straight away....so the Orders sit in Linnworks as 'Unpaid'. Perhaps a few days later the customer pays, Ebay captures this & the order shows in my Open Orders....but the original order is still showing in the unpaid section.....this shouldn't be, therefore I conclude that the LW-> Ebay API needs a little more work.

Hi,I have 4 channels , my main one is Ebay 0, for some reason linworks will not see any sales on this channel, The channel is set up and the channel; is tested but nothing happends on linworks when an item is sold, there is no record of it at all.

On my other channel its set up in exactly the same way, I sell something on e bay and it comes through to linnworks I can the process the order print out invoice and shipping labels etc.

But wit ebay 0 nothing  all set up the same way the tests work , nothing??

When I have sold suff on ebay0 the orders in linnworks is empty, I am back to cut and pasting e bay addresses... not fun.

Thanks for looking :)

Hello John

Could you please confirm if you are still experiencing the issue?

Currently I can't find Ebay0 on your account. Did you re-integrate it? If yes, did it solve your problem?

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