Linnworks desktop & Royal Mail 2D barcodes

Is there any update as to when Linnworks desktop will start filling 2D barcodes in the tracking number field for standard parcels? Support tells me this is already enabled on but we have no plans to move to .net and especially in the run up to Christmas, this is a must for most sellers. Entering these numbers manually is a pain and I have already tracked parcels through our account manager to counter INR claims. We need this feature asap!


This functionality is only available in

However, you can still print labels from Linnworks desktop application and 2D barcode will appear in Tracking Number field in order details. All you need to do it the following:

1. Integrate Royal mail in
2. Add service that you want to use:
If same service name is assigned to desktop integration, then please make sure that you name it differently.
3. Assign new services to your orders and print order from Linnworks desktop application.
4. All you need to do from is file manifest in the end of the day.

Please note that 2D barcode will only be generated for untracked services. For tracked service Linnworks will still generate a tracking number. 

this is rediculous, I was told ALL the features in would be in desktop. I do not use .net, it is an awful application.


Hi there, at first we also though it rather silly as we also do not wish to move over to .net (and still won't).  However we only integrated the OBA service in and still use desktop version for day to day printing of the 2d labels.  As per the instructions stated above.  You just need to rename your old postage details in the desktop OBA integration (we added 'old' to the front so that orders printed using the old integration could still be recalled) and then implemented the integration for royal mail OBA

We had to change the postage linking for each channel in desktop to then use the new codes that appeared (this is under the channel integration section)
we then made sure our rules for assigning the postage services was amended, and haven't looked back

When it comes to finalise the manifest, you just use instead of the desktop oba.  but there is a link in settings.and it isn't too difficult

When starting up you just need to ensure that nothing has been posted using the old manifest but this is easily checked.

overall I think that there is some confusion about using the .net, and after speaking to the support team was also under the impression that you would only be able to have the functionality by going over to .net. this is not the case and you can quite comfortably use desktop with just the oba section of .net implemented.

as with any change it is always worth ensuring that you check, check and check again that everything is working as i should be, but on the whole we are happy with how it's working.

hope this helps


I was told by Royal Mail that all users printing the barcode are now live on the system but after checking some of the numbers on the track trace site it is saying

The service used to send this item does not provide tracking information.

I have checked numerous parcels 24 and 48 in the last week and none of them are coming back with a confirmation. I am using linnworks Desktop is there something wrong with my integration?


I think that Royal Mail are having issues at their end and have suspended the service (or at least our ability to see the tracking details).  We have been using it for a number of months and were told by royal mail that we could now track.  This was available for 2 weeks and then everything started saying no tracking available.   Don't know whether Linnworks have any further updates but I am currently waiting for an update from Royal Mail.


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