Invoices and Labels not following Packing List - 7 Day Ticket - No Response!


For at least the last 7 days all the invoice and labels we print do not follow our packing list. This means we have to manually sort them which is wasting a considerable amount of time. We opened a support ticket last week and have had no response although can see that it has been passed around different people at Linnworks. This morning we have tried calling and nobody has answered. We'd like to know what's happening with this



Hello David,

Very sorry about the delay in getting back to you via the ticket.

I have reviewed this case and found that this issue had already been reported to our development team and a fix for this is currently awaiting release. We do not have a set date of when this will be released, however, this should be included in the next patch.

We have linked the ticket you have raised with the development card that was raised for this issue to ensure that, as soon as the patch with this fix goes live, you are informed of this via the ticket.

Once again, I do apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you and the delay it took to provide you with a response via the ticket.

Kind regards,


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