New Parcel2Go Integration - Sadly useless.

Sadly, this is a total waste of time at present. I have just been informed that "there are only few vendors that can provide actual quotes via API calls" so you will never be presented with a full list of prices from Parcel2go. Hermes (who are almost always the most cost effective) are notably absent. You will almost always be better using the Parcel2go website at present. Using this module could end up costing your business a heap of money.

Is there a roadmap in place for fixing this?

Hi, Chris.

I am in talks with Parcel2Go as to why the number of services is very limited at the moment.

Ok. I appreciate that. I hope that those talks are fruitful.

I think you should do a better job of communicating the fact that this feature is incomplete though. It could be costing your customers money. Many may not realise that a full list of shipping options is not being displayed. Perhaps some kind of temporary disclaimer?

Parcel2Go new API is hot off the press, which is what we have used for the new integration, and it was developed specifically so that Linnworks can integrate properly with it, so it could be something fairly simple or limited services available during the beta run. Anyhow, we will get it sorted. I wouldn't have release it in production under normal circumstances without proper production test as it doesn't look ready yet. I had to do it to expedite the dev process, having real users trying to use it is a great motivator :) 

Best Regards

Fedor Dzjuba

Thanks Fedor, your explanation is full and I appreciate it. I look forward to functionality being added. I'd certainly recommend marking it as a Beta, if that is what it is though.


Sorted it out, however found an issue which prevents actually printing the label. Waiting for a fix from Parcel2Go, once the fix is in, I will upload the fix for service list and it will be usable.

Best Regards

Fedor Dzjuba

All done, parcel2go is ready to use. Let me know if you have any issues.

I got it to work for one order but the other gives me an error. I think the problem is that BigCommerce calculates price for courier shipping (based on my own rough estimates) and puts that on the invoice/order. Oddly, when I deleted this I still get the error.

The following errors were returned during printing:

  • Order Id: 112401, Error: Generate order failed on Parcel2Go returned an error: Customs : The value of your parcel's contents does not match the total value of your parcel: Merchandise. . You may view the request that was sent to Parcel2Go at this address.*****

    The cause seems to be :

    {"Errors":[{"Type":"Customs","Error":"The value of your parcel's contents does not match the total value of your parcel: Merchandise.","ItemId":"00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000112401"}]}

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