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so, i'd like to click on print invoice and i want linnworks to print 3 pages per order (using a GK420D thermal printer, so the page size is 6"x4" ). I'd like to see the new RM 2d barcode label on the first page, followed by a "mini" invoice/packing slip and the third page would be a packing list with order notes. 

is it possible at all? 


It is possible to achieve this in both and Linnworks desktop application. 

You would need to change printer and paper format for labels, invoices and packing list. 

1. If you are using integration for Royal Mail, then labels will be printed with 2D barcode in 6x4 format by default. Print settings can be changed from Shipping > Integrations > Printer. In Desktop application you need to select "6x4 2D Barcode" as label type and define GK420D thermal printer.

2. Invoices and packing lists can be configured in Settings > Template Designer. Please click to configure your template and then change Page Size to Custom Size (screenshot attached). You can select width to 4 and height to 6 inches. Virtual printer can be selected in that template or in Open Orders before printing in invoice. Also please make sure that GK420D thermal printer is added to your Virtual printer client. 

If you are using Linnworks desktop application, then paper size for invoices can be changed the same way. Desktop application doesn't use Virtual Printer, so GK420D thermal printer should be selected in invoice settings. 

In you need to print label, then print invoice and then print packing list.
In Linnworks desktop application you can configure Batch Pilot to print all 3 at once. Please check this documentation:

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