Can not do Royal Mail end of day manifest AGAIN!!!!!

Is anyone else having issues with the Royal Mail end of day manifest. Got a collection in 5 mins and Linnworks is saying that the Royal Mail is either undergoing maintenance or having issues.

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Same here.... been a problem for at least the last 30 minutes or so...

Looks like OBA as a whole is offline... Possibly being rebooted... but it won't just be us suffering... 

Hi guys,

It was an issue that Royal Mail were having. Linnworks have announced at the Linn Academy that they are looking to develop something that will help you to manifest even if Royal Mail is having issues.

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Charlie McBroom


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Happening to me again today, exactly the same problem says it's a problem at Royal Mail's end.  It should allow a manifest to be printed and then in the background keep trying every half hour until it goes through, our postman does take it with the summary sheets, but I'm sure there are some who won't without the full sales manifest.


Not able to complete Royal Mail Manifest again today via Linnworks! Am able to log into OBA directly via the Royal Mail website - so what is the problem????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Dont think it is royal mails end this time. I couldnt file yesterday, it said it was an issue with rm but on the rm site i could file it directly. Still wont file this morning so i cant clear the manifest waiting for support to do it from their side before i can print todays orders, unfortunately the support staff which are able to do this dont start as early we do...


Hi Guys,

I'm working semi-full time with 2 clients and both couldn't use OBA directly yesterday, I am not sure why some of you are having issues manifesting today as I believe Linnworks were going to re-manifest the ones that failed yesterday.

If I hear anything more guys for Linnworks, I will let you know :)

All the best,

Charlie McBroom - The Ecommerce Guy


Fitted Commerce - Ecommerce Agency and Linnworks Specialists

The Linnworks User Hub - Facebook Group

Just switched to the OBA manifest direct - Not doing it our self with royal mail website anymore! - At first went through in about 10 min or so but last 2 nights it has taken 40mins - Any ideas


This is a repeating issue for us. Normally once every week or 2 the OBA manifest won't file. Interestingly the RM Tracked manifest works fine every time. From what I can gather, it does usually send the data to the Royal Mail system, but whatever response Linnworks is expecting to say that it has filed successfully doesn't get through. Whether that's Linnworks or RM I don't know. But it happens to us on a regular basis. I always go onto chat support and one of the "shipping specialists" fixes it.


We have this problem too- support have said that's it's due to server load at the time the manifests are filed, but as this is the usual time most people are going to be filing this seems like it should be looked at...

We've had to move our order cutoff time back to compensate for this and we still can't rely on the filing to work in time. 

Hi All,

Are you getting error messages when trying to file or is it just stuck at 'Requested'? 

Just missed the post today because of it, been waiting over an hour for it to file - forum post here -

Hi All,

we have been having this problem for months, when we go on chat it is always the same response it`s royal mail or our internet is too slow, we have started filing 20 mins early and we still have the same problem, when you are filing on linn, keep hitting the refresh button on the manifest page I think sometimes it just gets stuck !!!!!

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