Hands up who's Linnworks desktop my inventory scroll sucks right now?

So the lastest great thing about linnworks desktop is if you have more items in your inventory than you can view at one time, the scroll bar on the right no longer functions properly, sometimes no existing at all, other times not scaling to the same size as the page.

Sort it out please, if you insist on putting resources in to the "cloud" version, either give it the same functionality so I can abandon the desktop version or stop rolling out half tested updates to the desktop. 

I have an issue I raised to support. All the columns squeeze up to the side.If I adjust the second I scroll they go back to being squeezed up.



Yeah thats still happening, it no longer saves your column layouts. 


Please be advised that the My Inventory scrolling issue was fixed with a previous patch update. This was applied for all customers and if you have not done so already, please make sure that your desktop client is up to date. I have tried replicating the column issue for both screens from my end and did not encounter the problems described above. All the layouts were displayed accordingly. 

With regards to the open orders screen columns, I would suggest that you try the following actions: 

1) Set your columns in open orders

2) Press the X on the tab - this will save the layout. 

3) Load the screen again

Please get back to us if the problem persists and we will look further into this. 

Kind regards,

Oleg (Tech support)

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