Prestashop Mapping Problems

 I have next to zero knowledge which is why I use Linnworks, so waiting 2-3 days for a support answer and giving me some technical explanation when they do doesn't help me. I have the following Prestashop issues:-

Mapping see's products with options as 2 different products (not end of the world if they have same sku) BUT generates a new reference code.And some products have no title.



Linnworks response was:-
"Titles without text appear because Prestashop does not provide that information in XML response. Please see attached file. It contains raw data and no titles for a lot of items can be found there.

As for combination products, Linnworks requests exactly that what is defined in Query Designer (Settings > Channel integration > Config > Query Designer) in GetInventoryList query

If you think Prestashop provides you with irrelevant information, you may want to edit the query."

I don't understand that, can anyone else actually tell me what I need to do exactly?

Anyone help as still waiting 7 days on for help from linnworks support


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