FedEx integration issues with Account details

Hi all,

I'm trying to add the FedEx integration to

I already have an account with FedEx but I am struggling to find anyone that can help me to complete the integration on either side LW or FedEx. 

FedEx are saying I need to get Test Developer credentials to certify the 3rd party application (LW) first. I did get these credentials and entered them on LW but they are not working. The normal (not test) credentials also error on LW.

Can anyone shed some light on this matter? I can't see anything about this on the forum or documentation so I must be doing something wrong...

Any guidance welcome! Perhaps someone can tell me how the API access Key looks like or where is it obtain from will help as I am guessing that's what is wrong.

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You can only integrate FedEx in, if you have production account details. Test details can only be used in Linnworks desktop application.

From desktop application you can print test labels and send them to FedEx for verification. Once account is confirmed you will be able to integrate in in

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