Same SKU - Multiple Locations - Order Allocation


In an effort to automate processes, I am faced with a challenge that I hope other people have previously overcome.  I will try to explain a specific scenario:

Channel:  Ebay

I have 2 x warehouses (for this they are Location 1 & Location 2)

By default I can only select 1 location - Location 1

SKU1 - Is in stock at both locations - How can I automate this, so that orders with SKU1 goes to Location 2? Then if Location 2 is out of stock it remains in Location 1.

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All the eBay orders will be downloaded to Default location, unless you set "Order download location" in eBay channel settings in 

This can be confirgued only in by going to Settings > Channel Integration > eBay channel settings > Order download location. 

There is no way to download orders to other location using this setting, if Location 1 runs out of stock.

Also it is possible to assign orders to another location using a script (chargeable service) or assign them manually. 

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We are in a similar situation with two locations for many SKUs and were looking at writing / have written a script to assign the orders to a location based on availability. Having looked at it further though we have decided to allocate manually. 

The problem being, lets say for example you have one of an item in both locations and you get one of those rare occasions where you oversell, lets say one customer buys two of that item and two customers buy one of that item, which orders would you want to fulfill ? (personally I would fulfill two orders). Also as far as I am aware Linnworks would have to split an order for two for it to allocate the stock to two different locations, which may cause issues / additional shipping costs if you are offering shipping discounts etc. as well as more cost with the scripting.

We thought it would be pretty straightforward, but the more we look at it, the more problems we can see.

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