Variation positions for eBay listings

Is there a way of setting a default order for variation positions for eBay listings? 

We have many sized products and often list hundreds of individual listings at a time and even though the sizes are often numerically consecutive the variation positions in eBay are always scrambled and need to be reordered manually for each individual listing which, whilst being easy to fix, is very time consuming.

In Magento we have the ability to rank each of our variations within a certain attribute type, for example size, in the order we would want them to appear on our site - see attached image.

Is there a similar function within Linnworks that I have been missing this whole time? I think I know the answer but thought I would ask the hive mind.




You can control the position of the variation for example Small, Medium and Large

if you click on the variation tab in your configurator, their is a button for variation position

but thats about it is you have size and colour as different variations, you need to create the configurator with them in the order you need

hope that makes sense


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