Scanning products before Shipping to Ensure No Errors

We have been working on Shipstation/Linnworks integration for several weeks trying to figure out if Linnworks can replace our current Solid Commerce platform and there is one thing we just can't figure out.  We are paying for both systems now so have one month to get Linnworks up to par or it's back to Solid Commerce.

Currently, in order to process an order, we print off packing slips, get the products assembled for each order, then log into SolidShip (the integrated Shipping solution for Solid Commerce), scan the order id to pull up the order, then scan each product to ensure the correct items are being shipped, then press ship.  Automated features (which can be adjusted) choose the correct shipping method, it prints a label, we adhere it to the package, and off it goes.  We have found this process to almost eliminate the ability for orders to ship to the wrong person, or the wrong items to be added to the order.

I can't figure out how to do this in Linnworks, so I am hoping we are just missing something.  The way I see it working, we can still print packing slips and assemble the orders, but when it is time to ship we need to log into Shipstation and ship from there, where they do not have itemized barcode verification available.  After shipping in Shipstation, we have to go back to Linnworks to scan the products, however that is to process the order, which should be done after the items are shipped.  As far as I can tell,there is no way to scan the product before shipping.  We can't do it in Linnworks beforehand because it requires the shipping information.  This doesn't make sense since we would have to create a label in Shipstation, then wait for Linnworks to get the information from Shipstation, then pull the product back out to process it, causing delays and most likely errors.  Is that correct, or am I missing something?  We have to use Shipstation because we are in the US and Linnworks does not work with all the shipping providers.

Part of the issue maybe is that I don't understand the shipping label button in Linnworks.  Is that supposed to connect to our Shipstation account?  All I can see it doing is printing a label that does not actually coincide to USPS, UPS, etc.  We went through all of the Shipstation tutorials and any other tutorials and forums I could find and I still feel like there is a piece missing.

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Linnworks can be set up to require item barcodes to be scanned prior to marking orders as processed. You will find this option in > Settings > General Settings > Order Settings

The options you will need to enable are:

- Complete scan is required for all items before processing (will only take item that have barcodes into account);

- Order Item Complete scan checks SKU if barcode not found (optional).

The next time you'll open despatch console in Open Orders, it will prompt you to scan all the items before processing:


Speaking of ShipStation, it is a bit different process of printing labels and processing orders. Basically, what integration does, it exports Linnworks orders to ShipStation. Labels should be printed from ShipStation. You can also instruct Linnworks to mark order as processed automatically, once it is marked as processed in ShipStation. For more details, go through this doc:

Linnworks does integrate with UPS and USPS directly, but these integrations are only available in desktop version of the software (will be released for as well in the future). So, if you are not a Mac user, you may consider switching to desktop version.

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