Cannot see any E bay Sales

I have had several sales today, and non shown up on linnworks, I have tried the desktop version , nothing, and the linworks net version, again nothing.

I checked the intigration with my e bay channel , tested it "seems ok" there are logs of the synch on linnworks net , so it seems to be connected but no sales transactions in my order book.

I have been using this for years , but just recently I seem to be having more and more problems, I haven't changed anything, that I know of.

Looking for any tips I may be missing.



Dear John,

It would be best if you can provide at least 1 example eBay reference number, which definitely should be downloaded by Linnworks so we can check further.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi, Here are a few 




I get this on the sync

Ebay Order Sync

Trigger channel inventory update


7 Oct 2016 09:28

Trigger channel inventory update

Queued 7 Oct 2016 09:30

Trigger channel tasks

Queued 7 Oct 2016 09:35

Nothing ever seems to change, even after the time has expired the times are reset for about 30-60mins in the future, I don't know if this is normal.

Also the synch on the desktop app is very fast compared with when it worked.

Hope that helps

Looking forward to hearing from you )

Thanks for the example orders!

Are you certain that they are paid and waiting to be downloaded?

It does seem that the sync is actually running fine (even changing the Last order sync date). I've already forwarded the case to the 2nd line support to check deeper.

If you can share some screenshots of those orders actually pending on eBay itself - it will help us a lot.

Please send them to my email, which is

Thanks for your co-operation so far!

I have had to sort the orders out manually so they have been "dispatched" feedback left etc .They havent downloaded on linnworks since the sale screenshot as follows



Missed another three sales, here are the e bay numbers 




Hi there,

We have fixed the eBay order sync for you. Some of the orders were already downloaded into Linnworks via the local sync in Linnworks desktop.

If some orders are still missing you might be needing to rollback the "Last Order sync" date within the eBay configs.

Please clarify if this is no longer an issue from your end though.

Hi, Thanks for the help, I can now see the last 4 sales, I usually use desktop but am away at the moment so I have just had a quick look at thr linnworks net ,

Where is the "Last Order sync"??

Thanks again


Dear John,

You can find it under Settings > Channel Integration > eBay config > Last order sync date.

Hi Sold some more items on e bay,This is another account but is on my channel integration, not shown up in linnworks, E bay numbers below







All the sales on this channel have not come through to linnworks both linnworks net and linnworks desktop.

I have tried a manual order sync as described above still nothing.

This is the same as the original problem , but with my other channel, the e bay items are listed above.

I hope you can do the same thing with all my channels so the system will work like it used to.



Hi John,

The Linnworks team should get back to you soon, but it may also be worth jumping on the live chat and mentioning this forum post.

Typical things to double check are:

  1. Channel Integration enabled
  2. Check if the eBay Token Expired (click the test button in the eBay channel config screen, if it has expired then it will take you to eBay to renew your token)
  3. Change last sync date (I would consult tech support first before doing this, but this can help bring orders back in)

Let us know how you get on :)

All the best,

Charlie McBroom


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Hi Charlie,

Thanks for the reply.

Channel integration is enables, and tested and ok

I have changed the last sync date, doesnt seem to have done anything.

I have mentioned this in the previous posts, and was passed onto higher level help and cured one of the channel s problems but not anothers???

I don't sell as much as I used to so some of my channels sell only a few items per week, when it works saves time on postage lables etc, when it doesnt its a pain....

we all know what that feels like.

Thanks for the heads up

Might try On line chat , but only an express user.....

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