Desktop version being removed by Windows 10 after restart.

Is anybody else getting a similar problem to us?

We have Linnworks desktop installed on 15 different types and brands of PC, some laptops, some towers, some all in ones, some Windows 7 and some Windows 10. 

We have 1 fairly new HP Tower PC running Windows 10 that Linnworks worked fine on, then all of a sudden, you start it up in the morning and Linnworks has been removed, so we re-install and all works fine until the PC is turned off and restarted when we find LW has gone. So we leave that PC on but inevitably every few weeks it shuts down or crashes or we have a power cut so we have to re-install LW. Only LW is removed, nothing else and no other settings.

Support say they have never come across it before, it must be a Windows setting.

I have my Windows 7 CD ready to re-install over Windows 10!! but before I do, has anybody else had a similar problem with Windows 10 and LW or any other program?

Cheers, James

Hello James,

I have to admit, this is indeed something that we have not come across before, however, your mentioning that this happens on a new PC running Windows 10 reminded me of an issue I personally experienced when I upgraded my home PC from Windows 7. During major Windows updates, that your new installation is very likely trying to download and install all at once, the Windows Updates checks all of your installed programs for incompatibility. Essentially, it finds all programs that may cause crashes, or issues, and removes them.

There has been no official comment from Microsoft as to why this occurs, if the Windows Updates will stop removing programs with future releases, or the exact criteria that must be met before the program is removed, however, the one solution that we were able to find regarding this problem is to ensure that you have all of the Windows updates installed, then reinstall Linnworks and any other program that has been removed.

There is a quite extensive article regarding this that helped me understand the issue in the past and I believe will help you all the same! Please have a look at it here:



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