Royal Mail Barcode on 1st & 2nd class mail (not tracked mail)

I've asked this question before but not getting the answers i'm looking for or any real understanding of the question!

So to break it down - RM added the barcode system months ago (the square squigly code) - it prints out on all our labels no problems there.  Now I know this is not full tracking and is for 'proof of delivery' only on items that are just sent via 24 and 48 letter/large letter/parcel etc.  HOWEVER unless the barcode number is recorded in the tracking box it is still useless as we cannot access the proof of delivery information or provide it to the channel/customer.

So when is it going to become a useable 'tracking' option with the numbers recorded on LW and sent to Ebay/Amazon?  We were told early 2016, then Spring, then Summer......

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Guys, if you download the .xls file to claim you can select Royal Mail 24 and 48.


I think that email you got counts as the "invite" - we've never had that email. (the terminology the chap used like "invite" and "trial" may be imprecise, but I think the principle is that not everyone has access and it will be rolled out in batches)


Yep sorry wrong page, for business accounts:

Claims for loss, part loss and damage should be submitted on the relevant claim form found at the bottom of this page. The claim form should be completed with as much detail as possible and all the supporting evidence provided, including:

the names and addresses of the sender, addressee and claimantthe Royal Mail Product usedthe amount of postage paid and method of payment place of postingdate of postingdetailed description of the contents and packagingdate the item was delivered (for part loss, damage)for damage and part loss claims the damaged contents and all the packaging must be retained and presented to Royal Mail upon requestevidence of posting with Royal Mailevidence of the item’s value


Can you please give me the website url you use to get your delivery confirmation for RM48 parcels with the 2D tracking



 it is awful, they are doing a number on all the regular users.

Please could someone correct me if I'm wrong but...

7 months ago it was stated that default weights would be implemented in .net to enable us to get 2d barcode numbers in desktop. I have just tried setting up .net oba integration and it does not allow default weights, am i missing something?

If this still hasn't been implemented then this is unbelievable!  This week we have had delivery confirmation switched on for Large Letters and are now needing this 2d barcode number more than ever and I cant believe I am still having to reprint the label when I need to get the number.

Olga/Linnworks PLEASE SORT THIS OUT (or tell me I'm wrong)



Sorry but you are wrong. Royal mail want accurate weights for each parcel. I believe royal mail won't let them do it. It's not so bad if you weigh each item as you get orders for them, it will then be on each order in the future. Alternatively you can enter a total weight for the parcel on the process order screen. It's really not that bad in my opinion. It's worth it for the delivery confirmation!

No, Olga said this feature was to be implemented and we have been told also by Royal Mail themselves that this is OK. 

quote from olga 7 months ago

As for now, we've came up with a decision to implement 'Default Weights' in .net integration.

This will allow customers, who do not use inventory management module, printing Royal Mail labels via

Development project should start next week, so hopefully the feature will be live by the end of November.

Fair enough, but then if your mail is pulled for inspection then surely they'll complain the weights are all incorrect?

Our contract is flat rate and the agreed weight is something we never ever exceed. Doing it this way keeps things simple and avoids problems with revenue protection.

So Olga/Linnworks, where is the default weight option in .net integration?

Still no comment from Olga, I now have conflicting information, the last word from Olga in this thread was this would be implemented. Linnworks support say it wont.

If this is not being implemented can we please have access to the 2d barcode number via desktop please. It is ludicrous that such a fundamental piece of information is not readily available to us.



The 2d Barcodes ARE available on Linnworks desktop.

you just need to use the .net implementation of royal mail, you just need to fill in all the details it requires, to link it to your royal mail account, map Linnworks services to the correct royal mail services (just like setting it up for the first time) you would also need to remove the same services from the desktop version).

you can then use the .net royal mail on desktop, you would need to go to .net to file the manifest with royal mail, but everything else is done on Linnworks desktop, and you do see all of the 2dbarcodes in the tracking field.

it does require weights to be entered for each item, 
I have been entering the weights for the products as they come in, or you could export all your items to a csv file, enter something in the weight, then import back into linnworks   

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