Royal Mail Barcode on 1st & 2nd class mail (not tracked mail)

I've asked this question before but not getting the answers i'm looking for or any real understanding of the question!

So to break it down - RM added the barcode system months ago (the square squigly code) - it prints out on all our labels no problems there.  Now I know this is not full tracking and is for 'proof of delivery' only on items that are just sent via 24 and 48 letter/large letter/parcel etc.  HOWEVER unless the barcode number is recorded in the tracking box it is still useless as we cannot access the proof of delivery information or provide it to the channel/customer.

So when is it going to become a useable 'tracking' option with the numbers recorded on LW and sent to Ebay/Amazon?  We were told early 2016, then Spring, then Summer......

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If you remove your desktop Royal Mail integration after intergrating the .net version it creates an issue of tracability on pre .net integrated orders in the system and you cannot reprint labels/integrated invoices nor does it know what shipping method was used on some screens so beware and plan for it.



Hi Phil,

We didn't remove the old integration, we just renamed it to "Royal Mail OLD" - so we can still see the old service used.

Best Regards,

Does anyone know of a solution so tracking numbers do not get submitted for all services? 

Currently Linnworks submits tracking for everything, even International parcels that are low value with no tracking. It is getting quite boring answering the same question every day about tracking on International parcels.

Thinking of changing that one service back to the old desktop integration so it has no tracking submitted. But surely there must be a better solution?

Hi Tomas

Not sure if it's possible so can anyone else confirm whether you can create a condition based email template based on whether the tracking number >"0" eg [{ORDER.POSTALTRACKINGNUMBER}]=>”0"

Seems like I haven't yet posted the update, but we've disabled 2d logging for non-GB orders. So, if an order is going outside of GB - 2D code will not be stored (meaning, it will not be submitted to the channel).

Cool, thank you!

Where do you get the Royal Mail Integration Wizard in .net version and if you set this up and re-name your old integration in the desktop version does this mean that you can run everything as usual in Desktop but file the manifest in .net version??

We're currently using desktop Royal Mail integration and are open to moving over to .net for the 2d tracking, the wizard if it's ready would be extremely helpful as we've quite a complicated rule set to sort letters/parcels and tracking based on value.

The main issue for us is currently royal mail aren't offering tracking on large letters but linnworks seems to be storing the tracking numbers for them, trying to track the item on royal mails website gives an error message stating that tracking is not available for this parcel? We're in two minds about switching over now as not sure if adding a tracking number that can't be tracked to 70% of our shipments won't cause more trouble than it's worth?

We are using it and yes if we could not submit the tracking info for Large Letters and Letters I am sure it would help massively.

Currently I am just replying to another Large Letter order that "has not arrived" - of course the tracking states "no info available"

Hi,  There is definitely delivery confirmation with large letters - that is what the 2d barcode is for.  It works very well.  Even if you use the desktop Linnworks just go to processed orders and reprint the label, then use the long number on the tracking site.

The problem you have is that if it has not been delivered it will show as no information available.  Only delivered items will show.  So you know the customer is telling the truth.  Its a busy time of year so unless this was several weeks ago I would ask for the customers patience and try the number again in a few days.  It there is no delivery shown then claim back from RM.  (And of course this is a new system so you wont get any info back from parcels sent before early November).

Hi Jacqui,

Not sure if this is a separate issue, we can track parcels just fine but when tracking large letters we get a message stating that tracking is not available on that service, unlike the standard "sorry we don't recognise this number" error. Can you confirm you can track your large letters and what Royal Mail service code you're using for them? We're on the flat rate 24/48 PK0 etc.



Hi Jacqui,

I disagree, 2d tracking works for Standard Parcels however Royal Mail do not currently track large letters, the info is present in Linnworks however on the Royal Mail site it states that tracking is not available for this class of service when you enter the info. It took us a while to understand this.

I'm not sure if RM back tracked (excuse the pun) or have not got round to allowing for tracking on Large Letters yet as their site confuses the issue as on section 7 of this page they state tracking for large letters is included ( , yet it does not yet work

To be clear I am not talking about RM 24/48 Tracked services merely RM24/48 services



It does work for some Large Letters, but I would guess that happens when a large letter is delivered at the same time as a parcel, they would all get scanned upon delivery.

But yes, all documents introducing the confirmation service we have seen state that large letters and letters do not have confirmation.

To confuse matters further I just spoke with our Mail man, he said if it's got a 2d label on it it gets scanned when being delivered, including Large Letters.

The plot thickens!


Yeah, that's the thing, the labels don't actually say large letter or parcel on them (and it needs to stay that way), so I guess as ours are generally in grey mail bags they could be mistaken for a packet (we do push the boundary on the size sometimes, if it squeezes through the hole its a large letter).  The postie doesn't necessarily know whether you have paid LL or PKT price for the label, they can guess I suppose but if it were me I would scan everything.

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