Royal Mail Barcode on 1st & 2nd class mail (not tracked mail)

I've asked this question before but not getting the answers i'm looking for or any real understanding of the question!

So to break it down - RM added the barcode system months ago (the square squigly code) - it prints out on all our labels no problems there.  Now I know this is not full tracking and is for 'proof of delivery' only on items that are just sent via 24 and 48 letter/large letter/parcel etc.  HOWEVER unless the barcode number is recorded in the tracking box it is still useless as we cannot access the proof of delivery information or provide it to the channel/customer.

So when is it going to become a useable 'tracking' option with the numbers recorded on LW and sent to Ebay/Amazon?  We were told early 2016, then Spring, then Summer......

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Hello Furhan,

I believe all the manifests submitted from Linnworks are marked as 'Completed' right away, so there shouldn't be any ways of amending wights or other details.

You do not need to set packaging types in Linnworks, as Royal mail integration ignores packaging. It is only required to have total weight assigned to the order (an error message will be thrown for orders with 0 weight).

Good news! 

2D encoded data will now show up in order Tracking Number field, if label is printed using .net integration!

If its not a tracked service, you get the 2d barcode as the tracking number. For the tracked services, a regular tracking number will be logged in Tracking Number field.

There are no changes for desktop integration yet, but we'll implement the same feature for desktop in the nearest future.

Thanks Olga, it works for us!

Sorry to hijack the thread, but Olga's comment above has thrown me.

You do not need to set packaging types in Linnworks, as Royal mail integration ignores packaging. It is only required to have total weight assigned to the order (an error message will be thrown for orders with 0 weight).

We are just looking at integration with RM and this highlights one of our queries. If you are using CRL how does it differentiate between LL and Packet when you manifest it, as we assumed it would be under packaging?

Hi Jackie,

Speaking of CRL, Linnworks does not differentiate between Large Letters and Packets (unfortunately). These are two different services in the 'available services' list (the one with (LL) is Large Letter, the other one with no format extension is Packet). 

So, you should set up Rules Engine or an automation script to get the correct service assigned automatically. Condition/rule, should check order total weight and assign an appropriate service. Here's a simple algorithm with action close ups:


Olga, What happened on Friday?

For a short time my RM24 parcels were generating the 21 digit number in the tracking field and printing a linear barcode on the label as well as the 2d barcode? 

I use desktop only

Was this a test and does this mean this is now imminent?


Hello Rich,

We are now working on implementing a new piece of code, that should log 2D encoded data into order Tracking Number field. The same feature is already implemented for integration, so desktop version is the next one in the list.

For a short period of time, all the labels were printing with 2 barcodes (2d and a regular one), as something went wrong with implementation and our shipping development team had to revert the change back.

I'll post an update, as soon as it's conformed the new feature is stable.

Thanks for that Olga.

After leaving the post I updated our RM integration as I originally did this over a year ago and I can now see the difference with CRL codes. Prior to the update I just had the one RM48-CRL. It makes a lot more sense now. Glad to see LW are going to add the 2D data into the tracking field.

We also need this facility in Desktop urgently as we don't have the functionality yet in to run things the way we do in the desktop version.
I stumbled across this post but I'm sure that there are lots of other users who would want the same proof of dispatch.
When would this be available??


Should delivery confirmation now be working if we are using the integration? We are currently getting everything like this:

Which obviously says tracking is not available (we only want delivery confirmation of course). The problem is that since these have been submitted to ebay we are getting a LOT more item not received claims.

Is this now a linnworks problem or are we waiting on Royal Mail? Thanks!

Reading this thread with great interest as I asked Linnworks for this about 3 - 4 weeks ago and was told to add it to some uservoice system. 

I have found a workaround which I have now used twice this week to actually confirm delivery of 2D parcels which the customers were saying they had not been received. The workaround works in conjunction with my local Royal Mail regional team who contacted me in June regarding their dedicated services. Although this workaround may seem longwinded, it has this week saved me over £50 in possible fraud and can really only be used if customers are saying their parcels have not arrived.

Simply re-print the label of the order which gives me the 2D number of the parcel. Then forward this number to your Royal Mail regional team who will in turn be more than happy to forward all the information they have for that parcel. See below-

DELIVERED - No Signature




Walsall DO 

Outward MC Handheld Acceptance




Bristol Mail Centre 

Pre-advice Item Passed - Validation Passed



I've been retailing online since 1997 and always knew that most lost parcel claims were fraudulent however never had the proof to challenge it. This now offer all of us a chance of challenging these fraudsters and save £££ in lost profit. 

Would prefer some integration to the Desktop version, however this will do for now.

WOW Salvatore how lucky you are if you have a 'regional team'.  I find that getting any sort of response from Royal Mail is impossible, I get a phone call once every six months or so from a new account manager with a set of questions asking things they should already know, after that they are never to be heard of again and they don't answer any emails.

The sooner the code is up and running on desktop the better.

Great idea as a workaround. We do have a Regional Manager also so we'll give it a go. I tested this and entered 2D barcode in Royal Mail Tracking but it did not recognise the number. We need this to work also on Royal Mail site so that we can then prove delivery ourselves. We def need this facility in Desktop as soon as possible as we are plagued also by fraudsters predominantly from Ebay!

My Royal Mail rep did say that they will be giving their business customers the option of entering a 2D barcode number into their new "Click & Drop" website which is replacing their Dispatch Manager Online site. Did give a date but will be happening soon.

However this needs to be integrated into Linnworks with data forward to each channel to prevent fraudulent claims.

Hi Jacqui Connor

We used to get the same, new account manager every 6 months on a sales pitch for us to use new services. However got contacted in June by something called "myteamwest" which is a dedicated department for just us business customers. Might be worth contact your rep and asking for details.

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