Linnworks can you advise why some products stock value dont update when stock qty changes??

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I've had this problem where if the stock level is at 0 and then you do a stock in count then the stock value does not increase.
Only way I get it to increase is if I do a stock in count against a purchase order.

Problem with this is that we don't always use the PO system on linnworks for orders from our suppliers.

Seems very daft to do this - just doing a normal stock in count SHOULD increase the stock value


Thats crazy surely they should simplify this Adam, its a nightmare

Hello there,

Could you give us a little more information on this? For example, do you definitely have a default purchase price on the product? Are you using Linnworks Desktop or .Net to book the stock in?

I've just tried a test item in my system, and in both and in Linnworks Desktop, both manual changes to an item's stock level and booking stock in 'properly' via the book in functionality seem to change the stock value (even from 0), assuming of course I've got a default value for purchase price. So I'm not sure if there's something up with the process you're using or something wrong with the items themselves but it seems to work as expected from my side.

Of course, if you raise a support ticket on this with an example item or two that does not properly update, we'll be able to get to the bottom of it!

Kind regards,
Default Purchase price: Yes
Only use Linnworks Desktop (.net still doesn't do everything we need, only ever use it for importing)

If you don't mind waiting until Monday I can do one better and provide a video of it happening (just tested it again and same result)
One thing I have noticed is that IF you have had stock in previously and the qty goes to 0 and then you change it back to 1 then the stock value goes up
BUT if you've imported the products and this is the first time adding in the stock levels then if you change qty from 0 to 1 then the stock level doesn't go up.

All will be shown in the video


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