Price Increase and Support Restructure


What planet are you on.

No Subscription increase means exactly that. No amount of justification for support or other moving of the goalposts is an acceptable answer to put a massive hike in subscriptions.

Time to look for alternatives as you are clearly trying to clean out small users paying £40 to 80p/m, any suggestions?

I see your team are actively answering questions on the blog to justify you what can be only described as commercial suicide...

Next you are going to tell us national Insurance is not a tax!

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So linnworks are adamant that it is not a price increase, but a restructure…but correct me if im wrong…if my prices go up…then it IS a price increase! I find it shocking that we have to bare the cost for a service that we will not be using.

Its like saying to all IPhone users….your monthly bill is going to be doubled because we now offer 24/7 support. As a company you (Linnworks) have a level of support you should offer free of cost. Should users need additional support they pay for it!!!


Not just pin the costs on everyone!!!!

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