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I have just recieved the new pricing email. We were paying £80 per month for 5 users but on the new plan that would be £300, almost a fourfold increase.

I know Linnworks have not increased their prices in x amount of years (if at all) but a sudden increased yearly overhead of £2640 is noticeable. At a time when we are looking to save money, increases on this scale are not welcome.

Can I suggest maybe a different pricing plan for existing customers that is not as steep?

I only use linnworks to keep ebay, amazon and website in sync, that ALL I use it for.

Time for me to learn about api's and try and do it myself I expect

No, but thanks for the reference though.

For us, if we get rid of the extra three users we have and narrow it down to the standard two plus a synching account, our bill is 'only' nearly doubled. Like Nigel, we too only use it to keep our channels in synch for orders and inventory. Whilst we can afford a £70 increase a month, the way it has been brought about is underhanded. Yes, it may still be competitive but to increase it by so much and so quickly is a mistake. These sorts of hikes could have been brought in incrementally and thus avoided the shock that a lot of customers have felt. It feels like that because we've had it so cheap for ages, here comes a relatively massive hike to make us pay for those years Linnworks have missed out!

I guess Linnworks know what they are doing and exepcted this backlash but they are probaby, as has been pointed out within the comments of the blog post, after a different demographic. It is a pity they chose this way to 'get rid' of the smaller sellers where this price increase is really forcing them to look elsewhere.

I too was shocked to hear about the new pricing. Potentially, my single user system could be costing 375% more! Even with a 'discount' for being single user, when I expressed my horror, it was still round 300% more! There is no justification for this sort of increase and concur that it seems like it is designed to cull the small users.

It is made even less palatable by the impression that the software is held together with chewing gum and binder twine based on the number of daily patches required and errors it throws.  Thankfully, support has been OK when needed but judging by some comments here I can consider myself fortunate.

I see BigCommerce is getting OBA integration so that might be my best option for me as I already run it for my stores and it can update eBay/Amazon. Any thoughts on that?

I am the IT and purchasing manager in my company and linnworks is a massive part of the business.

We use it for just about everything between stock management, order management and integrations between many popular sites like ebay, our website and direct orders. It also takes care of invoices, purchasing and many useful features like scripting, automation, emails and there is a lot Linnworks can do if you understand the system.

So when I saw this new pricing thing I was quite upset as we need atleast 5 Desktop users and the new pricing means that we will be paying a lot more than we are now.

Its not that they increased the price, its that they did it so underhandedly.

Linnworks for the company I work in is a vital part of the system as a whole. To see it develop over the years has been great to see and support is getting better. However seeing this new pricing plan is making my directors think twice about using it which is scary because it is used for almost every part of the business.

This is all very sick.  We were asked to make a NEARLY 4X INCREASE from $600 a year (grandfathered pricing) for 3 users to nearly $2000.  They do NOT have any reasonable response to my repeated inquiries about "have you stopped carrying about the impact this will have on small business and that you do not care enough to walk your grandfathered clients up slowly, or anyone else for that matter?" 

I think it's sad that this conversation goes so far without staff replying - i suppose the thread can just turn into a discussion about the competition and recommended conversion practices??????  


@Bruce Argue

@Brendan O'Mara

I have replied to your support tickets recently in an attempt to address your concerns. If you have any other questions, a response to my -rather lengthy- replies would be much appreciated. I prefer to discuss these matters personally as choosing a fitting plan it involves reviewing your companies financials, number of users, orders processed and growth potential which is information I prefer to keep confidential. 

Linnworks has announced New pricing plans .......

Seems like more huge increases are coming.

Anyone have thoughts?

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