Linnworks & Magento 2 API Development.

Has anyone developed or paid for the Linnworks API to publish products to Magento 2 yet?  I would be happy to share some development costs for a Freelancer or contribute to something that has already been paid for.

In case anyone comes across this post, I have hired a developer to produce a module.  It is nearly finished as I write, I would be happy to share, but I would expect from £'s toward the development expenses.

Hello Stuart,

Can you please confirm that you due to complete 3rd Party developed listing tool for Magento 2 and happy to share it with anyone for some remuneration?

No, because the developer failed, because LW data is INCOMPLETE, Josh is ignoring my requests and the documentation for the API is VERY POOR.


Can you please let me know what data exactly is incomplete? If you can add a bit more details what exactly is missing, we can have a look into it for you.

This has been escalated to Klaus.


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