Why is the support in Linnowrks so bad?

The system is not working, orders are not downloading... and there is nowhere to turn to fix it. Support tickets are not answered !

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I agree with Angel, we are beta testers. We should be paid for it , not the other way around.

The support is so bad because it's constantly being flooded by preventable problems created by the developers and management team.

Management are completely ignoring us. Developers are just making new stuff for management, not testing it and at the same time breaking lots of things that did work before.

So every time a new thing is added, two or more old ones are broken and the support team get flooded.

It's plain to see from here, as a user of linnworks.

But look, here we are on a forum that's not even visible to the public. We can have a little moan at each other AKA a brick wall. Nobody from linnworks ever replies and nobody potentially looking to become a linnworks member can see what we are saying. Convenient for linnworks as they can continue to rake in new customers with the same spiel that lured us in.


In the last month or so we had: Linnworks randomly shutting down, FBA orders no longer downloading before they were shipped (and we were not informed meaning I wasted time investigating a problem that didn't exist...), FBA processing orders downloading again (without warning, they just appeared, I don't even know if they are supposed to do that), and also 1 FBA order showing the wrong amount, random Magento orders not downloading, and just now one Ebay order downloaded twice, one as merged as well as two individual orders (meaning that if we hadn't spotted it we could have posted twice...).
The order management side of things has some serious problems.


Linnworks response times for support seems to be deteriorating. My last few tickets have not been answered in what I could consider a timely manor. I find it most frustrating.

Hi Angel,

Sorry for the late reply, it does sound like you have had been in the wars a little. Early Linnworks.net was basic and not knowing 100% the situation you were in when you came on board it is hard to comment, but it may have been that the desktop version may have dealt with some of your needs better.

Today, I wouldn't say that was the case, I would be happy to push and promote Linnworks.net as a very powerful platform :) but here I am going off track.

I would arrange a call with Josh at Linnworks, he is a really good guy. Tackle the tickets that are being delayed (maybe their is some development happening, or some other reason for the delay) and see if we can get some quick wins.

I will email this post to both Josh and Anton the tech support manager, if you could email me your email address I will then be able to pass your details across.

My email is charlie@fittedcommerce.com or I can be reached on skype charlie.mcbroom1 - also, please join the The Linnworks User Hub - Facebook Group, it is an awesome group for all types of topics :)

All the best,

Charlie McBroom


Fitted Commerce - Ecommerce Agency and Linnworks Specialists

The Linnworks User Hub - Facebook Group

Here's an email I just wrote to Josh. Let's see what he says.

Hi Josh,

We are sick, sick, Sick! of all the problems with linnworks.

Inventory sync does not work.

We keep noticing things that are out of stock that should not be (and vice-versa).

Random items being set to "ignore sync" by the linnworks "ghosts."

The linnworks ghosts like to play around with our settings when we are AFK. Over the period we've been using linnworks, many things have been fiddled with, examples include: invoice templates, postage label templates and now the "ignore sync" tickbox on hundreds of products!

Wow, you guys should hire ghost busters, or fire your "developers" and get some real developers.

Inventory sync is fundamentally flawed.

We're told we must manually change the stock level in linnworks to sync the levels to the channels. This basically means it doesn't work and we have to keep an eye on all our stock levels, then manually change them if they are wrong. If that doesn't tell you your inventory sync is completely useless (just like your developers) then nothing will.

Can't send customer's emails with a table in it because the WYSIWYG editor screws up the code (been waiting 2 months for a fix to this, it shouldn't even need fixing, it should be right to begin with)

Every time I go to do something (anything!) in linnworks it requires me to raise a support ticket to point out a problem with it.

Your developers are incompetent.

Your support team is overloaded with complaints because the software is flawed, untested and not fit for purpose.

All your customers are completely sick of this joke.

Read the forums and see for yourself.

To add insult to injury, you double the pricing and force us to cut our users so we have to now pay twice as much and share accounts, getting logged out all the time. We have no "chat option" as promised. Any time I use the phone support, I'm answered by some deadpan voiced guy who sounds like he could not give a sh!t less what problems we have with the awfully broken and useless software we pay a fortune to use.


Here the response we have to the duplicate listing issue we have , which I find to be insulting to the core and understand why people get so enraged with Linnworks support or lack of. We should have around 6000 listings however keeps duplicating causing us to be in a permeant state of update to correct and LW answer we created the listing elsewhere which is rubbish as all listings created in linnlive last 3 years. No service at all , instead of trying to find a solution to a clear issue they simply blame the user  which is unacceptable and will only lead to customers using another provider

Hello Gary,

Linnworks does not read configurator settings during relist, this is by design and was never intended to work this way. Relisted listing inherits all settings and properties of the original listing with exception of the listing price. The case that you discussed with Anton previously is not directly related to relists but to LinnLive not applying configurator settings during revise - this is no longer the case and can be corrected by running a revise.

As I have previously noted listing with ID 191857251970 on eBay Germany was never relisted - this listing was originally created via LinnLive and remained active with that ID ever since. The shipping policy was however still incorrect which leads me to believe that the shipping policy was either changed outside of Linnworks/LinnLive or listing was originally listed with different settings and was never revised after configurator was changed.



Maybe one day they will have better staff like Class & Anton who do help , as for the rest I wonder

Getting support is like peeing in the wind. LW are advertising a service that they are not fulfilling. Even my complaints to them are not being answered. I’m not a happy bunny.

Welcome to the linn "don't" works pissed off club, Mike.


It's nice to see that I'm not alone Luke

They deleted my idea. Way to go linnworks.


I am not sure if the Linnworks team is aware of how unhappy they are making their customers. We are just having the problem that if we manually select our orders from the first to the last and try to print the shipping labels etc. it is showing that and after popping up the browser modal to print it shows only one or two shipping labels!!!

I'm getting unhappy with this piece of software ... Everybody who is unhappy should start looking for alternatives. Suggestions?

Hello Maximillian,

Thank you bumping us on this. I see that you have also created a ticket with detailed screenshots. I will pick this ticket up personally and see what we can do about it. If it indeed is a flaw in the system you just helped us find it, the screenshots help us identify it and your description can help us to solve it! So you just helped us improve our system to the benefit of all the Linnworks users, thanks!

Hi Klaas,

thank you for your response. Additional info regarding that issue: I tried the same task on Windows 10 and OS X 10.11.5 with Safari, Chrome and Firefox - all had the same result.

adding my two cents - we used to enjoy Linnworks suppoort and it really helped but now we are scaling up the level of support has got much worse...we need it sorting or else we will be moving to channeladvisor


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