Why is the support in Linnowrks so bad?

The system is not working, orders are not downloading... and there is nowhere to turn to fix it. Support tickets are not answered !

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and they are ?

totally agree we are charged for 24-7 support and guess what another two issues occurred today since updating the system, once again your updates creates more trouble than it's worth, your support is terrible, I've gone into the weekend with two issues one had a response and the usual can you give me example order number of the orders that were affected? well yes i could if you responded within an hour or two but because you take so long to come back then I can't because any affected orders have to be shipped and I have to workaround issues, 

then the other issue which I think is pretty important gets absolutely ignored, I just don't understand how linnworks can put the price up for something that works like a beta

As a Linnworks users for the last 3 years i would totally agree with Mathew's comment regarding the price increase. Im extremely angry that there is going to be such a large increase in subscription. The monthly subscription costs for our team of 5 users is set to double, however the systems and support does yet justify those prices. 

On a positive I would like to say that since Klass Schippers has come on board, the support responses i have received recently have been much more informative and detailed.

Strong words but many customers seem to be saying the same.....


We've had to strip our users down to 5. Now two of us in the office have to share an account and it's very annoying because I get logged out when he logs in and vice-versa.
So now we pay double for half the amount of users, the same slow support and the same broken functionalities every time there's an update. Great deal, no?


I'm having to log into amazon and manually confirm shipping on every order i'm processing on linnworks, I have to manually add tracking and select postal service on both amazon and linnworks since friday because  an issue occurred that support said could be down to us moving to a new despatch system or something. apparently all accounts will be moved across and support wasn't sure if this was the problem, I have 140 amazon orders and it's very time consuming,

this is on top of the update that is causing me to have to re-link numerous items in our inventory to amazon.

All i want is a system that doesn't break because the developers are doing something, whenever linnworks updates something all hell breaks loose.

@matthew we've had a similar issue where the magento items are no longer mapped. I'm told by linnworks to go and re-add the mappings (something I should not have to do) Then I find that I can't map items because THAT is broken too. I'm told I have to log into desktop, load the inventory items there, then go back to linnworks.net to map the items. What a joke.
Like you say, EVERY update breaks loads of old stuff that was working. EVERY single update, I'm not even exaggerating.


Every day more tickets, every week one answer... I hate apologies when they are overused, and this is exactly what is happening at Linnworks curerntly, every single replied ticket is the same "I am sorry for the late reply..." Linnworks stop apologizing and start working on your issues. We have to open tickets almost daily, most of them end up in the development area to fix something which is a clear message of "we are not testing things". Tickets are replied now with an average of a week which is not only unprofessional but also disrespectful for us that pre-paid this service. Sending mails to management stopped working many months ago... Please stop apologizing and do something!! At least until we find a better place to migrate our business... ...

We have a ticket live since Tuesday, and for the first time in 5 years we didn't get a reply within 24 hours or so (the system is not downloading our website order so it's not a minor issue).
Overall in our experience support used to be very good (but I know other people had a different opinion), we've had support staff spending time with us to resolve critical issues within a reasonable timescale, even when on one occasion it was user error. Things seemed to have changed in the last few months.
I wonder how many tickets were opened about Amazon FBA not downloading simply because customers were not informed about the changes (at least afaik).


Well our tick still not answered after 29 days , same problem that occurred the beginning of the year so a little brassed off at the lack of concern

Hi guys,

With the new plans, it means that you will get Live Chat and Phone Support in addition to the ticket system. I would use these two methods to chase up on going issues.

A ticket that has not been answered for 29 days sounds like something has gone wrong with the notifications of the tickets, I would definitely jump on live chat or call Linnworks with the ticket ID. (Usually the support system is very quick)

Another good channel for general questions is the Linnworks User Hub Facebook Group, which you can join here: The Linnworks User Hub

Hope that helps :)

All the best,

Charlie McBroom


Fitted Commerce - Ecommerce Agency and Linnworks Specialists

The Linnworks User Hub - Facebook Group

Hi Charlie, I do appreciate your reply, but please understand that this is not entirely right, because not everybody is in the new plans.

Our opinion is that we already paid and we deserve a decent Support Service and this has not happened so far (and it looks like it is not just us who have this feeling...) so we communicated to Linnworks that they have to demonstrate that the new Support Service deserves an increase in the fees and then we will sure join any new plans. But if you fail to provide a service that is already paid, you don't solve it asking the customer for more money... that is not right. You have to acknowledge that the problem is in your side, solve it and then change the plans to make this "new" service sustainable through coming customers and renewals... The way Linnworks is trying to budget the changes in Support is unfair and irresponsible.

Would this mean that we need to wait for days to have a reply throughout the ticket system?? No, the ticket system is on, and should work fine to report and solve problems at a decent response time.

If ALL the replies from Support starts with "sorry for the delay in the reply..." that means that something goes wrong. You can only apologize for outstanding issues, if it becomes a standard in your replies, it is not a sincere apology it becomes a way of work.

Kind regards,


Hi Angel,

You make a good point, not everyone yet has live chat and phone support but it does sound like you are having some troubles.

As most probably know, I use to work for Linnworks but before working for Linnworks, I worked for quite a large online seller who went away from Channel Advisor to Linnworks and had a lot of hands on experience. I now run an ecommerce agency and have several clients using the software happily.

Of course, there is the odd occasion when something does go wrong or may need tweaking but typically myself and my clients find the issues are resolved very quickly.

In regards with the tickets, you should get a responce within 8 working hours. If this is not the case then something is going wrong and I will send this thread myself to the guys at Linnworks to look into.

With regards to your issues, maybe you can elaborate what they are here? I have a wide spectrum of clients, including some of Amazon's top 100 sellers using Linnworks to the max plus with some customisations.

It would really interesting to see which areas you are having issues with and maybe (I hope) I can shed some light :)

All the best,

Charlie McBroom


Fitted Commerce - Ecommerce Agency and Linnworks Specialists

The Linnworks User Hub - Facebook Group

Looks like the same issues and complaints are happening to many customers , we have a problem with our ebay listings doubling up because linnlive does not read the config correct. This creates duplicate listings when listing in different countries (see screen shot of items listed this week) which ebay deem against the rules and can shut the account down, as we put well over 500k through ebay , Linnworks should be very concerned because if we get suspended they will lose the court case for compensation. We raised this at the start of the year and after a month going back and forth LW finally found the fault however the same thing is happening again. We raised a new ticket 31 days ago and this is the only response which keeps being repeated.


On 27/09/2016 04:48, Linnworks Support wrote:


I apologize for a delayed response.

The ticket has been escalated to me to investigate the issue, I am currently reviewing your listings data and will contact you as soon as possible.



Technical Support

The sad part is LW can be excellent however they are let down by a could not careless attitude towards its customers who will soon leave in droves as newer and more cost effect platforms are launching all the time and will poach custom if the system of service does not improve.  A good starting point would be to acknowledge a fault rather than straight away assume that the user has faulted something which many times is not the case. maybe someone on here can help us as we are pulling our hair out having to have LW constantly updating to clear these duplicates

Thanks Charlie, I had no idea you were gone from Linnworks. Then double thanks for your reply and for your help, and best of luck in your new agency. It is a brilliant idea to help business owners the way you propose. We have analyzed the same idea here in the past for customers in Spain.

In regards to the tickets and issues we have had... well, we have not been so lucky with the response time. We are aware that it should be 8 working hours, but we are far from that. I hope there is no priority based on customer profile, because I know that we are small now but with the same Support Service as far as we know.

I will just name a few here, because otherwise this will be too long. LW have access to all our tickets and should be aware that we have not had an easy integration into Linnworks... we think that the fact that LW pushed us to use .NET when we joined at the beginning of this year was the source of all our troubles because .NET was not ready then to be launched to production and I would even argue it is ready now due to the number of glitches we report. We suddenly realized that most of the users were using Desktop and they were very happy with the solution but they started to complain when "invited" to use .NET.

Some of our last bad experiences:

- Cdiscount: the worst thing that can ever happen to a multi-channel software is that it allows overselling... Well, we have had a few of them since we migrated to Linnworks. The last one, last week. We reported that an item was oversold on Cdiscount channel when item was sold out on August! All linked fine, channel "On" for inventory and orders, no errors notified... nothing... we waited 5 days for a first reply... and what is the reply? "Sorry, but we see that it was sold out on August and it looks like all is set up fine but we cannot see what happened because we do not keep logs from the past..."...Does Support need one week for that kind of reply? Does it make sense that LW does not keep ANY log to confirm issues/problems? (I can understand that not all logs, but at least some... the ones with errors?) What kind of feeling of confidence does Linnworks expect from us after this ticket?

- Ebay: We needed Linnworks to reload main images from our LW catalog to update main images of one specific category for our eBay listings. Sent ticket, Support replied we could do it through .Net. We tried exactly as they suggested and Linnworks randomly selected main for our templates for each item, it does not even follow a rule... Now we have ALL our eBay listings of this category with random images as main images for each item listed on eBay... Suggestion now from Support: change them manually -> Difficult to reply this suggestion... Again they apologized and confirmed it was reported to Developers... it has been 12 days since this happened...

- Fruugo: well, the integration with this channel is just a joke... every time we have a sale from Fruugo we are shaking because it will probably be out of stock... We know that LW have been solving problem with Fruugo, but we are aware through tickets after issues which is the wrong way...

- Linnworks.net: Information about listing status showed on Linnlive and .NET has been different during many months since we started. Filters have been failing until this month... it is just not possible that your customers have been using filters on .NET because they did not work... you selected Available more than 0 or equal to 0 and it just didn't work. This was one of the reason we thought it could not be possible that other customers were using .NET.

- Features available on .Net: We have had tickets about buttons on .NET that were not doing anything on the backend but there wasn't any notification to warn. It is so easy just to grey out the button if is not available... well, it took a "try the button, notice that something was wrong after hours without expected results, open a ticket, get it replied at decent response time, know that it is not work"... this has happened to us several times. For example, when tried to sync manually Cdiscount. We clicked on Download listing on .Net, and after all this process detailed above, Support confirmed that Cdiscount sync is only available on Desktop... why don't you grey it out then? or pop up a window when clicking the button informing that is not available yet? 

- Sizes for eBay: we have reported a couple of weeks back that sizes are sorted wrongly. Sizes should be sorted based on the size, but it is sorted alphabetically... you cannot sort sizes like L, M, S, XL, XS... because you need to make end consumer decision easy if you want to convert sales. First reply from Support "it is nearly impossible for Linnworks to know how to sort the options, so they are sorted alphabetically..."... it is not that difficult... sort them exactly in the same order that I add them to the template!! It will then be my fault if I add them unsorted... or give us a bulk option, but alphabetically?? isn't it rare? and they suggest you sort them manually one by one for each template... :)... thousands of templates sorted manually... not an option, of course...

I think this is more than enough. I understand if not read all but just to give you an idea that this is not a one day bad experience... In any case, to give you some background about myself as well, I have been leading several years a Customer Support Service for one of the largest retailers in the world, and my experience until now has been related to Support Services working for blue chip companies, so I do know what it takes to provide a good Support Service. In my personal opinion, the problem here does not start with Support, the problem is at development and management level. Features are not properly tested and they are released to production without the required testing, what ends up with customers like us that wasted too much time with software problems and reporting ticket instead of doing our own business that it is what we should be doing. Our feeling after all this time is that we became unknowingly .NET testers for Linnworks and that was very wrong.

Kind regards,

Angel Martin

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