Keep getting someone has logged in to this account. you bill be logged out

While logged in to linnworks desktop, with 10-15 minutes a message pops up on the screen saying someone has logged in to this account and promptly kicks me off linnworks desktop.

Anyone else with this ?.... Only started happening after I had to change my desktop login from admin / pswd to email address / pswd

9 people have this problem

Can that be put on the main page, or in the announcement forum... Think it could be quite important...


We are planning to email this information today. Posted this info in the Announcements forum as well. Thanks for your comment.

We are still experiencing this problem, sometimes we get the error message, but often Linnworks just disappears. Practically every morning when I check Linnworks has logged off during the night.
Anyone else still having this problem?


I'm getting this too, every morning Linnworks has vanished, getting rid of the message isn't a fix if the program still closes!


@Oliver Margarson 

1. If you leave your pc on overnight with the browser open and logged in to then indeed the login session can expire because of non-activity for several hours in a row, this does not affect any of the functionality though. 

2. If you get logged out of your Linnworks Desktop and rely on a local sync, then this is indeed another case. 

Can you specify which of the two cases you are experiencing?  Thank you in advance for your reply. 

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