Keep getting someone has logged in to this account. you bill be logged out

While logged in to linnworks desktop, with 10-15 minutes a message pops up on the screen saying someone has logged in to this account and promptly kicks me off linnworks desktop.

Anyone else with this ?.... Only started happening after I had to change my desktop login from admin / pswd to email address / pswd

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Still happening with us. Linnworks previously said that it was due to a patch not having been installed & said that the desktop application should be re-installed (on all 5 PCs - same problem) did that & it made no difference at all, reported that back to Linnworks & they said we need to re-install Linnworks desktop! I'm lost for words..........


To be fair this is nothing to do with Linnworks this morning. This is BT. There is an outage in the area of the servers. See here:

It is very frustrating though.

Agreed yes, this mornings issue was BT (we can actually get back on here now though). We are still having the log out issue though which is a real pain.


Still can't login :(

Well, I;m no response when starting the desktop, the task is running, but no indication on the screen, so presumably its trying to do its security checks, and getting no further.

Try and log in to net and I get an sql error !...... So all in all pretty much a waste of time.

My peeved level is quite high at the moment !

Yes, today has been a disgrace. We have been down now for 5 hours. Tech support on the phone is the same guy every time and he is relaying the information from the status page. I realise the issues may be out with Linnworks control here but the support is dreadful. We are facing serious problems here and the support team show no sign of caring whatsoever. There have to be plans in place for every possible occurrence especially at this time of year. 

Come back standalone desktop linnworks... I miss you so much ! reports "performance issues" - yes, it isn't performing at all - its completely broken.

Sure some people may be able to use it, but we can't and an entire weekends of orders aren't going to go out today because of it.

Its been 4 hours that the two database servers have been down. I honestly think the communication - even with the new status page - has been very poor. We, and I imagine others, need to have updates - are the servers being rebuilt? are databases being restored? How long is it going to take as a minimum? You may not know all the answers, but you know more than us and must communicate this onwards so we can manage our businesses.

We have received a confirmation from our servers provider that the issue has been resolved. All of our servers are now operational and users should be able to log in without an issue.

We apologise for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately I've missed my Royal Mail cut off time.... 

Can we have a statement from the Boss as to exactly with the problem was ?

At 16:50pm today two things happened: we were able to log into Linnworks for the first time today & Royal Mail turned up for the daily collection of outgoing mail. Needless to say there was very little for them to collect. So thanks a lot Linnworks, The orders for our busiest day of the week are still sitting in an inaccessible (until just now) system, so not only have I had to pay our guys to do nothing all day, but I now have to pay overtime to get up to date so that at least orders will be able to ship tomorrow (unless of course we still keep getting logged out!)
This is the latest in a very long line of problems that we are having with Linnworks, I was promised by Josh Neale (Linnworks customer service manager?) that he would call me this afternoon to discuss the issues, however he didn't bother. What an utterly dismal company, clearly customer service doesn't matter to them in the slightest.



Yes, we will be providing the details ASAP.

10 minutes later Linnworks logged me out again midway through inputting a purchase order - still doesn't work properly!!!!!


I've had the same "logged in from another computer" warning come up when I am the only user. I agree Lewis, I have had a number of different issues over the last couple of years with Linnworks but the worst bit is the slow replying to queries


This can also occur due to the connectivity issues. We will be improving this very soon.

By the way, this will be happening tonight as well as we will be performing a scheduled maintenance of servers on September 13th starting at 20:00 UTC. The maintenance window is planned to last up to 15 minutes. During the maintenance window, customers may experience intermittent connectivity issues working with  

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