Keep getting someone has logged in to this account. you bill be logged out

While logged in to linnworks desktop, with 10-15 minutes a message pops up on the screen saying someone has logged in to this account and promptly kicks me off linnworks desktop.

Anyone else with this ?.... Only started happening after I had to change my desktop login from admin / pswd to email address / pswd

9 people have this problem

I agree with all the above comments regarding frustration of been logged out for no apperent reason and no real support or back up to fill business owners with confidence. Appears to be trying to push users away from the desktop system which is a bad move as that really is what built linnworks.

I agree, having a desktop application is what made Linnworks different to the rest, for me it would probably be easier to develop our own system to replace Linnworks as a desktop application than it would be to move over to We hardly use any of the features that have been added to Linnworks in the last few years anyway, if it's not broken don't fix it!


It still continues to be unacceptable to be thrown out the system for no reason since Linnworks introduced user changes to make their new pricing model work.

It is causing untold problems when the system as good as crashes mid order processing or on the telephone to a customer.

Please provide system stability or change change things back until your BETA testing is done off the live system!
Just happened again today, so it's not been fixed


Oh joy, just noticed it's doing it again. Not to worry, if I pay four times as much I'll get a better service...


Hello there, 

As can be seen on our page:

We have received messages from Linnworks users experiencing an outage. We were able to identify the cause and resolve it quickly. 

Best regards,
Klaas from Linnworks support

Still getting logged out!


I have re-opened ticket 1103947 to investigate the issue pertaining to users being logged out and will update you there.



Logged out again


we've been kicked out again

Yes we have also now been kicked out in the middle of dispatching!

Having had a 'good week', we've been kicked out just now.

When clicking the link from the replies on this thread, it wouldn't accept my password and i've had to reset it

Not sure what is going on but come on, we've just renewed a 12 month subscription and we get this?


 Still happening with us too, just got kicked out midway through doing something which I now get to repeat! This has been happening for weeks, why is it taking sooooo long to get it sorted?

Yep, happened again. yesetrday Linnworks said it was because updates hadn't been correcty installed on the ones that are logging out i.e. all of them. I don't quite beleive this as it was auto-logout free for quite a while until now.


Still happening to us here too.


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