Keep getting someone has logged in to this account. you bill be logged out

While logged in to linnworks desktop, with 10-15 minutes a message pops up on the screen saying someone has logged in to this account and promptly kicks me off linnworks desktop.

Anyone else with this ?.... Only started happening after I had to change my desktop login from admin / pswd to email address / pswd

9 people have this problem

also impossible to get hold of linnworks on the phone for urgent issues, honestly I agree with others, system stability is a real issue at the moment and for the last 3 weeks it's been one problem after another now this, seriously linnworks have to up their game as this just isn't acceptable.

Linnworks Desktop will not allow me to log in now either, just get "Cannot login to Linnworks". This is now preventing me from processing orders. I am not logged in anywhere else apart from on here to access the forums, we only have 1 account.


This seems to be a desktop only issue as I have logged into .net successfully to reply to this post.


Same here, got logged out of desktop now cannot login is accurate now..desktop is 'major outage'

I've logged into .net okay, i promptly changed our password, sat here twiddling our thumbs, It's bad enough that the system is running slow all the time and doing anything takes a lot longer than it should, 

OK, I can log into desktop now.

Yes Desktop seems to be working again for now!


Same here, still getting logged out.

Still getting logged out here too



The issue with logging in to and Desktop have been resolved now. We are currently monitoring the status to make sure these issues do not arise again.

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

But the issues clearly haven't been resolved. Over the past few days I have been thrown out of desktop a few times, the most recent just a few hours ago.

These issues are becoming far too frequent and the response to tickets is very poor. Peak time is fast approaching and the reliability of linnworks is very much on my mind at this time.

I have now confirmed with the developers that there was a force closure of all active sessions, which resulted in "Someone has logged in to this account. you bill be logged out" error message. This was done on Tuesday and Wednesday, but as of today it shouldn't appear any more.

If you will still experience this today, tomorrow or in the future then please do raise a support ticket with your main email address and the user, who is getting kicked out.

Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Still happening, nothing would appear to have changed. Halfway through directly inputting a complex order it kicked me out. The many unreliability issues that Linnworks currently has are really getting frustrating.


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