Keep getting someone has logged in to this account. you bill be logged out

While logged in to linnworks desktop, with 10-15 minutes a message pops up on the screen saying someone has logged in to this account and promptly kicks me off linnworks desktop.

Anyone else with this ?.... Only started happening after I had to change my desktop login from admin / pswd to email address / pswd

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or.. you WILL be logged even ... cant see anywhere to edit a post :-(

Hi Nigel. Are you logged in with the same username across multiple PC's. This error message should only pop up if you're trying to login with the same user multiple times.

No, its only me that uses the system and havent used the net login, except to access the forums, thats why I thought it was a bit strange.

Is there any logging of ip addresses that might identify whats happening ?

I am having the same problem, nobody else is logging in with my e-mail address and password, but I am still getting logged out


I think (not sure at this stage), that it may have something to do with not being permanently connected to the internet.

We're currently using a tethered mobile while our phone line is.... whatever it is that bt are doing !!!... so we're connecting and disconnecting as required.

It only started happening since going tethered (but that was also the same time that linnworks introduced this 1 email 1 login rule).

I've also noticed we have to be connected when we're printing out invoices..

I'm just wondering if theres a check being done to "call home" .. gets no response from linnworks server because we're not connected to the net, and its falling through some code and defaulting to "someone has logged in somewhere else" ....

Hi again Nigel,

Thanks for coming back with that additional information, that could well be something that's causing these messages to appear when they should not. Generally speaking Linnworks requires a stable internet connection so it can definitely cause odd issues where there are frequent disconnects/reconnects going on in the background.

One quick thing I hope you (or Oliver if you are also still having this issue!) won't mind checking for me; next time you receive this message, could you go to Task Manager (Ctrl-Alt-Delete) and see if there is a second instance of Linnworks running? We've seen this in the past with patching issues, and it may well be the case with this issue you've encountered too.


Hi Josh.

Yes, only once instance of LW running at the time it commits harikari !

Just monitored LW with Wireshark.. didnt realise how much traffic passes back and fore !

Its deffo the loss of connection thats doing it.


I always thought that the desktop version was standalone... or certainly started out that way didnt it ?

I am still getting this message, only one instance of Linnworks running, it affects any computer that is left on for any length of time, which means that every morning when I come the account that is meant to be running the sync has stopped working...

Yep, I get this message too and definitely no 'same users' logged in at the same time. This is no good especially with the one kept on overnight to run the synch!

I keep getting logged out as well and nobody else logged in. As above, sync is not working either.

Sort this out Linnworks. Useless having a dedicated machine to run overnight and synch every ten minutes when it logs itself out after 6 hours! That coupled with the forced adverts and the fact won't work in Firefox makes this quite a painful change.

Yep arrived at work again this morning to find that it has been logged out again and sync hasn't been running....


They say they have identified the problem and are working on it so fingers crossed.

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