New pricing model based on users

In order to accommodate these changes and fully meet your needs, however, we will be changing our pricing model. Specifically, this new pricing model will be based on user licenses and will exclude any limits to functionality. We also don’t believe in charging commission or costs per transaction charges, so the new pricing will still be a flat monthly or yearly fee, with no hidden costs or nasty surprises.

This simplified, user-based pricing model means that the more users your company requires, the more you will have to pay for your subscription, and vice versa. This is good news for all customers who are currently paying for higher-tier plans (i.e. PRO and Enterprise), just so they can access Live Chat and phone support.


This is a snippet taken from your 24/7 support blog post

At the moment for ourselves we operate across 3 warehouse sites and use a lot of dummy terminals to prevent walking from one end of the warehouse to the other meaning our user account limit is 20+ when in fact there are only about 6-8 users active at once. 

Likewise there is only myself who contacts support regarding issues so it isn't like their support is being contacted all the different users. 

Just because companies have lots of user accounts doesn't mean that they are all active at the same time. 

And judging by some of the comments on the latest blog posts we are not alone in using lots of users for not much constant access. 

Linnworks please can you re-think this approach or at least come up with a pricing model that reflects this. 

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I agree! We have lots of extra accounts, some packaging accounts are limited only to certain folders for example, we still only need the same number of simultaneous logins...

Also, this new user system that has been forced on us today has reset all the permissions when an existing user adds an e-mail address, and it doesn't appear to be possible to copy the settings over?


Nope it isn't possible to carry settings across 

Also at the moment we are having issues adding new users and deleting old ones 

Presumably this is because everybody is busy sorting out their user management the system is going haywire 


 Oh right, what a fantastic solution! Thanks.

As a Linnworks partner, I am also excited to see the new pricing model. I think to my understanding it will be active users logged in (so you could have 20 users on your system but if you pay for 5 users, only 5 users can log in at one time) though I could be wrong about this.

I am sure the LW team will confirm and take into account everyone's comments :)

All the best,

Charlie McBroom

Fitted Commerce - Ecommerce Agency and Linnworks Specialists

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