Magento Sync Delays

We have had a problem where the local sync is no longer run on Linnworks Desktop for Magento sites. 

After a frustrating support ticket it was confirmed that this has now moved and it run every twenty minutes! This has totally screwed up our late order cut off and stock ordering cut off times. I was basically told take it up with Joshua Neale, however Josh ignores most emails. 

No one at Linnworks takes these issues seriously. There isn't even anything in the change log about this.

I run two linnworks accounts but this has now forced us to start the process of migrating away from Linnworks. It's effecting the business as our cut offs have had to move 20 minutes earlier, we goto all the trouble of getting as late pickups as possible and then in one swift move they ruin it.

I'm looking at M2ePro at the moment.

Hello Darren,

Apologies for the delay in coming back to you, I just located your emails in my 'spam' so they never actually reached me. You're always welcome to call and ask for me if there is an urgent issue which needs my attention.

Regarding this case with Magento sync speed, my understanding is you're on the newer 'event despatcher' functionality which is being rolled out in stages, so it's not generally been made available yet. Hence it is not yet been added to the change log and documentation.

I've asked our team who is managing this whether the 20 minute synchronisation is expected behaviour or not and if so, whether this is likely to be improved. He's confirmed that the expected download time can vary slightly (the minimum it will ever take is around 12 minutes, but it can vary quite a bit depending on the volume of orders and how busy the servers are at a given time). However I appreciate from your description above that the longer time frame for this might cause issues with cut-off times.

We've had a few requests recently for options to speed up the order download time and offer an option to 'push' an order download at certain times of day for similar reasons to those you've described above, although I understand there are technical challenges associated with that. In any case I have submitted this as a development request with our team and I'll keep you posted on what they say once it's been assessed.

Kind regards,

Hello Josh,

The issue I have here, is we were moved before and opened a ticket as it was causing us massive issues. We were then put back again with no warning. 

Being able to use the the desktop sync to pull any orders in is critical to us.

As I manage two accounts I am afraid that we have already started the ball rolling in trialling an alternative system, this change is a deal breaker for us and one that has not seemingly been thought about.


Darren, did you get anywhere with this, we are suffering the same problem?

We are also suffering from this problem with our 4pm cut off time not bringing in orders until 4.30 (effectively 10 minutes before our post is collected) which is completely unworkable.  

I consider this to be a business critical issue and I will be taking our soon to be pro-level business elsewhere if it is not resolved with the next month or so.

What is most concerning to me is that Linnworks management clearly have not thought this through and have implemented it without consider how it will actually effect the e-commerce businesses it hopes to serve.  I had hoped that Linnworks could grow with our business past the £2 million mark but increasingly seems that this is not the case.

Its a shame as I quite liked Linnworks as a platform.

This morning the magento order sync interval has increased to over an hour!  Is there a problem, or have Linnworks now decided that the delay is acceptable??

We are seeing a 40 minute interval at the moment, not very workable with next day order cutoff as mentioned by Sam above.
It is indeed a shame, I have always liked Linnworks but this really will become a big problem if it's not fixed before we get busy for Christmas.


The problem is, as usual they don't care. A decision is made and then the effect it has on customers is ignored.

It has already lost us sales

Indeed, for us it will make the Christmas run up more difficult than it already is.
I have an open ticket as when the way we synced was changed we had problems in that our firewall was blocking any unknown IP addresses, I have finally today got a complete list of IP addresses which fixes the sync errors we were having, so I have replied asking if there are any plans for a return of manual sync or a speeding up of the auto sync



i am planning on adding my magento to this, has this issue now been resolved? can i manually sync and is the sync time faster?

There is still no manual sync, order sync in the past day or so looks to be roughly every 25 mins

Or in other words, as usua,l customer needs completly ignored, we had to change the way we work to fit round changes made to linnworks without our consultation
Also our inventory doesn't currently sync, no changes made at our end and no useful support from Linnworks
If I were you I wouldn't bother :-(


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