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I have been looking online  to see if you can set Linnworks to print a CN22 customs form but cant find anything about it.

Is there any way to do this or get it added?

I think it will be very useful.

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Hello there,

The only way of adding the CN22 customs form would be adding it to the template as an Image. 

A bit of a late reply but......

We have a custom invoice which is an image of a CN22. We then populate it with variables such as weight, value, currency, signature etc. When we process orders from a specific country we select all, right click, print specific invoice - CN22 and all the customs labels are printed on our Zebra printer.. We then process the orders to print the shipping labels, again on the Zebra, and as they are done in the same order as the CN22 it makes life easier.

Hi Ian,

Where do you buy the correct size labels to print a CN22 on your zebra printer...I've physically measured a's about 75mm square - I can'[t find anyone selling blank thermal labels in this size

We just use the standard 6x4 labels that we use for Royal Mail. It doesn't seem to matter what size they are as long as all the info is on there. 

Kevin, what image do you use? I have tired this before but never seem to get the res right?

We use integrated label paper with one big label on the bottom which is the width of the A4 paper. I've made an invoice with the CN22 placed on the label at the bottom in the left over space from the 6x4" label. We then filter the results in open orders and do the ones that need a CN22 first.

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