Let Warehouse Plus help you to get the most from Linnworks (23rd August, 15:00)


eBusiness Guru specialises in helping online sellers get the most from eCommerce, and as a Linnworks Gold partner we realise how valuable it is to many of our customers. As part of our efforts to help you get more from Linnworks, we have produced sever applications, both mobile apps and for the Linnworks App Store. One of these applications is Warehouse Plus.

To help people get to know what this app can do for their business, we’re running a webinar on the 23rd August, 2016 at 15:00. It’s called “Getting the most from Warehouse Plus”.

Warehouse Plus is an Android and IOS application that puts the full power of Linnworks at your fingertips, and in your pocket. With Warehouse Plus installed on your phone or tablet,
  • Stock lookup,
  • Revise stock levels,
  • Book in stock, 
  • You can even create a purchase order as you walk through your warehouse.
  • Manual Order Creation plus many more.....

In this webinar, we will walk through the functions of Warehouse Plus, discuss how it can be used by you to make your business more efficient, and Linnworks even more effective and efficient.

There will also be a Question and Answer session at the end of the webinar to allow you to learn even more about what this valuable tool can do for you. Register now, at this link, to learn more about this valuable application.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Warm regards

Mark Canty

eBusiness Guru

Documentation Link: http://www.ebusinessguru.co.uk/warehouse-plus-user-manual/

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