Setting pre-configured Royal Mail OBA web service settings


I am trying to configure the Royal Mail OBA settings.   I already have User IDs, Passwords, Account information that was sent by Royal Mail.  The problem is that when I try to integrate the Royal Mail OBA, the application takes me to the new OBA account configuration.  I do not need to ask Royal Mail to give me new web service credentials, just need an interface where I could put details of my Royal Mail account information.  

Previously it was done very easily where we could add the integration service and then configure it accordingly.  Can anyone help me how can I do it now?



Hello AliZ,

Regardless if you already have services on your OBA or not you will still need to go through the form since quite often when people enter their account details they enter some wrong information. This is the way for Royal Mail to check if the credentials and the details you've entered are valid and if so, the integration will be approved, so I'd just be patient and wait for it get approved and integrated. 

Hi Kirill,

Thank you for your message.  I understand your point and waiting for the Royal Mail response.

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