Royal Mail Manifest Failed


We have moved over to Royal Mail 2d Barcoding. Everything got set up easy. Labels printing  correct. when I clicked file manifest, it failed.

So from the linnworks set up page, it says go into oba and see if there is an open order.  There was, so I found the issue. It needed to be postal service 02 and not 01.

So I changed this on oba and print off the documentation. I also went into linnworks to change it to reference 02.

Now when I try to file postage manifest, it says failed but I do not have an open order in OBA.

Can anyone help?

driving me mad

We had this issue and we managed to get our royal mail account manager to get hold of the royal mail technical people and they fixed it in about 2 minutes. 

Thanks, Rich, 

I have emailed the OBA tech support. So hopefully they can fix it

will update

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