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Did you know that by the end of this post, more than 199 tons of paper will have already been produced? Now I doubt all that paper will end up being used to print warehouse pick lists… but it might.

That’s why we’d like to introduce ePickList! A mobile/tablet app that will enable your business to ditch paper pick lists for good. ePickList generates a list of items that you need to pick to fulfil your Linnworks orders. The app tells you what items you need to pick, how many, and where they are in your warehouse, and once picked, will automatically flag those orders in Linnworks!

EPL (catchy, right?) is now live on Android and iOS devices as part of a temporary free Beta period. Please download a copy and tell us what you think!

Android: http://tinyurl.com/z6exoqr

Apple: http://tinyurl.com/z6tuvlc

Rigidas Support (if you find any bugs): http://rigidassoftware.co.uk/#/contact

Thanks, and happy picking!

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We have a problem to get the "picked" item removed from a 2nd or 3rd picklist.
1. We logged in the epicklist on 9am to pick all the items
2. Once all picked, we marked all the items picked.
3. We will need to do another pick for orders coming in later than that time.
4. All the items we have picked will still showing in that list.

Please HELP!


Hi David, 

There isn't anything built into ePicklist that would stop you from picking the same item twice. Instead, this is handled in Linnworks.net with the use of Open Order Views. 

Views in Linnworks.net include a very large set of filtering options. With them, you can create multiple views that group similar orders together, and separate orders that are different. 

ePickList allows you to generate a pick list for orders in a chosen view. By setting up multiple views for orders that are in different stages of the fulfilment process, you can make sure that no order is picked twice. 

When you generate a new pick list in EPL, the app sets the 'Pick List Printed' flag on the order. Therefore, you need to create a view that only shows you orders that have not had their pick list printed. If you only ever generate new picks from this view, then it's impossible to pick an order that's already appeared on a pick list in the past. 

If you need a hand setting up these views, just get in touch via your open support ticket, and we can guide you through the process. 

Kind Regards, 



We work on Linnworks desktop and work primarily using order tags. Will EPL give me a pick list all order in tag 1 for example?

Good morning Jeet.
ePickList allows you to pick orders from an order view. If you wish to just pick orders with a specific tag, you could create an open order view that filters on that tag itself.
We would however recommend ensuring that you also filter on pick list printed so as to not pick up the orders multiple times.

Although you would have to set this view up in linnworks.net, it doesn't mean you can't continue using desktop.



We are not able to connect to picklist this morning and Rigidas website is greyed out not allowing us to contact.

We have tried resetting everything but still cannot connect.

Shows as disconnected in linwworks app screen also.

Giving error "token" (Linnworks token) must be provided

Hi there,

Please give it a whirl now - should be working. It looks to be due to a recent change with your account. Could you please e-mail us at support@rigidassoftware.co.uk so we can discuss this further?



Our epicklist suddenly stop working a few hours ago. Also unable to log into Rigidas account (keep getting timeout error)

Good afternoon,

epicklist and stockwise are currently down as we're having issues with our service provider. We're working with them to investigate and hope to have this up as soon as possible.

We are fully back online now and would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused. 

We have sent out a full report by email to anyone subscribed to our mail to explain the issue in more detail, but it can also be found on our Facebook page here.





We have been using ePicklist for a few years now and we're really happy with the way it works.


However, recently, we've noticed that when a picklist is aborted, the 'Pick List Printed' flag on Linnworks doesn't go away.


Basically, until very recently, when you have generated a picklist on the app, all of the orders on that list would get a 'Pick List Printed' flag on the order, so we could use that tag as a filter in Linnworks views, and when the pick is aborted on the app, the tag of "picklist printed" goes away.


But this is not working now. As soon as you generate a picklist, all of the orders in that list get the 'Pick List Printed' flag on Linnworks, but the flag stays there, it doesn't disappear when you abort the picklist or when you complete, the flag should be removed for the unpicked orders.


Can you please help as a matter of urgency?


Thanks in advance.

I’m trying to have more than one picker in the warehouse.


The way ePicklist works, is with Linnworks order views


I want to set up a new order view on Linnworks, specifically for the ePicklist app, that will exclude orders that have a pick list already printed. So, as soon as an ePicklist list is generated, these orders get a printed tag, and the orders will disappear from this view. So the next picker can go on their own device and generate a new picklist, that will only have orders that don’t have the picklist printed tag.


In theory, this should work really well.


The only problem that we are currently having is, for example if a) the first picker didn’t complete their pick, for example, if they didn’t find all of the items, in which case they will click “complete pick” on ePicklist without having picked everything, or b) if they find that they made a mistake in middle of picking, and they want to “abort” the pick.


So, the way it used to work was, in the first scenario, when they click “complete pick” and some items haven’t been picked. The orders that have been picked will still have the picklist printed tag, but the orders that have not been picked before the “complete pick” is clicked, will have the picklist printed tag on Linnworks removed. The same thing when the picker clicks “abort pick”, then all of the items/orders on the current list will have their picklist printed tag on Linnworks removed.


So if you looked on the above Linnworks order view, you would now see all of the items that have not been picked already, even though the orders were already on an ePicklist list, as the app will automatically remove the picklist printed tag for unpicked orders once the picklist is aborted or completed without picking.


However, recently I realised that this isn’t working anymore. ePicklist doesn’t update Linnworks when an order is unpicked.


My main reason for reaching out to Linnworks is that on the old orders, the log has also been removed, so it must also be something that Linnworks has changed recently. You probably think I’m imagining, but I wish I had a way of showing you that this is how it used to work.


I hope the above is clear enough.

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