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Did you know that by the end of this post, more than 199 tons of paper will have already been produced? Now I doubt all that paper will end up being used to print warehouse pick lists… but it might.

That’s why we’d like to introduce ePickList! A mobile/tablet app that will enable your business to ditch paper pick lists for good. ePickList generates a list of items that you need to pick to fulfil your Linnworks orders. The app tells you what items you need to pick, how many, and where they are in your warehouse, and once picked, will automatically flag those orders in Linnworks!

EPL (catchy, right?) is now live on Android and iOS devices as part of a temporary free Beta period. Please download a copy and tell us what you think!

Android: http://tinyurl.com/z6exoqr

Apple: http://tinyurl.com/z6tuvlc

Rigidas Support (if you find any bugs): http://rigidassoftware.co.uk/#/contact

Thanks, and happy picking!

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I downloaded it a couple of days ago and didn't realise it was so hot off the press. Looks very useful although we currently use recycled paper for pick lists - anything that was printed by mistake. ;-) Any idea what the pricing model will be like?

Hey Fergus,

We aim to have a number of plans based on how many devices are actively picking items at a given time. You will be able to register as many devices as you like regardless of plan. As it stands, however, we haven't quite finalized the numbers.



Hi Guys!

Since its beta release, we’ve had loads of savvy Linnworks users send us feedback on ePickList. It’s been awesome to see how well early adopters have incorporated it into their businesses, and it seems to really be helping reduce paper costs, improve efficiency & speed up the picking process.

Our latest big release introduces permissions, so managers and business owners can customise how the application behaves, and then lock those settings down so that warehouse staff can’t make any mistakes!

Also, due to a recent influx of users, we will be upgrading our servers tonight to provide a smoother experience across the board. It’s the first time we have had to do anything like this, so if we blow something up please let us know!

Once again a big thank you to everyone involved, this beta is going great! If you’re not using ePL yet, but would like to give it a try, here’s the download link! http://www.rigidassoftware.co.uk/#/appdetails/2



We are using the app and it seems to work quite well, once you get through the initial setup, which can be confusing if you have several users.

The main problem we have ran into is
All the devices revert back to the "MAIN" user account when the app is closed and reopened.

Anyway to set the user for each device and have it stay set?


Hi Stephen,

We found the issue soon after your ticket request came in and are currently testing it to make sure we have got it right. We'll hope to have something out for you by the morning.

Do you have any ideas on how we could improve the initial setup? We were thinking about a wizard to step through each setting on first run.

Let us know what you think.



Thank you for the fast response. As far as initial setup, the only real issue we had to figure out was that we needed to set up the order views for each user in their own account on Linnworks.net. Otherwise the app going back to the initial user is our main problem as if 1 person completes picking and closes out their app, it messes everyone else's picking list up and doesn't save what they have picked. We figured out everyone was logged into the same account and this was the cause of the problem. Otherwise it seems to work very fast and we love the auto printing of invoices.
Off topic but think we get entries in the pick list twice if they are in 2 folders. IE if an order with quantity 1 is in 2 folders and we generate a pick, it says we need to pick 2.

Hi Fergus, 

I have tried to replicate your issue, but I'm not having any luck. Any chance you could log a support ticket on our website with some example Orders, SKUs & Folders? We can then try our best to replicate the exact same situation on our end. Thanks!




Looks like maybe already fixed. Warehouse guys reckon not seen it in a few weeks. Thanks anyway.
Yes it was fixed within 24 hours.
I opened a ticket and got a response and the update came the next day.
Works perfect now.


Would like to see the ability to print stock item labels (just as epicklist has the ability to print the invoice) when the item is picked.
We sell cut to size items and can get confusing for packers to determine what material is what without much work.


Hi Stephen, 

That's the first time we have been asked about stock item labels, but I understand where you are coming from. It feels like this feature would be better added to EPL's packing module, that's still currently under construction. I'll float the idea off to our developers, and they can try and squeeze it in!

Thanks for the suggestion, keep 'em coming!

Wait, I just had a thought, 

You don't need it on the packing module, because by that time it's too late. You need to pickers to be able to slap a label on a hard to identify item once they have picked it. 

When you have generated a pick list, you can click on a SKU to bring up a second screen that gives you item information. That sounds like a better place to stick a 'print stock item label' button. That way, the people using the pick lists have complete control over what items require a stock item label. 

How does that sound? 

Sounds like exactly what I had in mind.


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