Where have all the questions from OLD forum gone !!!!!

 I cannot believe that the old forums are not being migrated over to this new one.

There was a lot of useful info on there..

Bizarre !

Hopefully it's just a task that Linnworks will get around to, but I agree it would be bad if they don't get imported or are not accessible in some sort of read-only format. Interested to hear a response.

Hi guys,

Old forum has many outdated and irrelevant information therefore we won't be migrating anything from there.

It is now in read-only mode for you to browse - http://www.linnsystems.com/supportforum/index.php

could you not have a link somewhere on the page to point to the OLD forums ...


Yes, thanks for that. I was just thinking about the other linnworks members who might also be missing the old forum for information.....
I actually had to go onto live sales chat to find out where this NEW forum was..... hiding behind a ? icon... hmm.. clever !
Got to say, mightily not impressed this end....


Can i also ask ... while I'm waiting for my previous post to appear... whats with the "your post will appear once its been approved"...
Why do they need to be approved.. considering you need a login before having access to this new forum, its hardly going to get spammed is it ?



They don't get approved, this is just a visual glitch which has already been reported. 

As you can see your posts appear instantly. 

It is planned to post respective messages on the both forums.

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