When attempting to file a manifest for Deutsche Post, I receive the following error message:

Express AWB generation failure: code: DCT_0001, message: The requested Global Product Code R and Local Product Code R is not available between this origin and destination. Please make sure data entered is valid before proceeding or contact our customer service.


The primary cause of this error is related to the weight limitations set by Deutsche Post. Specifically, the total weight of the items in the manifest cannot exceed 300 kilograms. When this limitation is exceeded, the system rejects the manifest, resulting in an error.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps below:

- Check Total Weight

First, verify the total weight of your shipments. This can be done by going to Shipping > Shipping Manifests > and in the Total Weight column you will find the weight of the items in your current manifest.

- Defer Orders

If the total weight exceeds 300 kg, you will need to split the manifest in two parts (can be more, depending on the total weight in question). To do so without canceling the generated labels, you will need to Defer them, which means that they will be removed from the current selection and automatically added to your next open manifest. 

Click View for the manifest in question and select the orders that you wish to defer from the current manifest. Ensure that the remaining orders sum up to a weight less than or equal to 300 kg.

- Specify Number of Bags/Boxes 

Before filing each manifest, it is important to specify the number of bags/boxes being shipped. This information is vital for Deutsche Post to process your shipment correctly. This can be done by going to Shipping > Integrations > Config > scroll down till Express Airwaybill > and here will be the Number of bags/boxes.

- File Manifest Several Times

After adjusting the weight, proceed to file the manifest. Since some orders have been deferred, you need to file multiple manifests to include all orders. Each manifest should comply with the 300 kg weight limit. 

Keep in mind that previously deferred Orders will be now present in the new open manifest automatically, so you would need to adjust the Number of bags/boxes for the second manifest and then file it as usual.

If the error message is still the same, feel free to contact Linnworks Technical Support!

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