Important! The existing The Delivery Group (by Extensibility) integration will stop working on April 20, 2023. The new The Delivery Group (by Linnworks) integration would need to be used instead.


If you are using the original The Delivery Group (by Extensibility) integration, you will soon receive some emails asking you to migrate over to the new The Delivery Group (by Linnworks) integration. The original The Delivery Group integration will stop working on the 20th of April 2023.


I need to migrate my existing 'The Delivery Group' services to the new 'The Delivery Group (by Linnworks)' integration


1. Ensure that the new 'The Delivery Group (by Linnworks)' integration has been integrated to your Linnworks account:!documentation/the-delivery-group-add-new

2. Remove the original 'The Delivery Group' services from the integration ensuring that required service configuration has been checked via Shipping > Integrations > The Delivery Group > Services > Edit. Click the bin icon to remove the service and once done click Finish.

3. Open the services tab for the new 'The Delivery Group (by Linnworks)' integration and add all required services from the dropdown list of available services. Ensure that you click the Edit button should you need to specify the Proof of Delivery or a different service setting.

4. Click the linking icon next to the Edit button and select the existing postal service from the supplied list. This list will only show Linnworks Postal services that are currently not linked with any shipping integration.

5. When all of the services have been linked and service settings have been applied (if required) click the Finish button.

You may view this video that shows the above steps being performed for a similar integration:

6. After you've tested the new 'The Delivery Group' integration and ensured it's working, delete the old 'The Delivery Group' integration by clicking the red remove integration button and then click the bin icon that appears next to 'The Delivery Group'.

If there are any issues or concerns, please contact Linnworks Technical Support.